• Bryce walked slowly in the dark alley. He wasn’t scared; he walked in this alley plenty of times before. And he always walked in the dark. Bryce isn’t afraid of the dark, and he claims that he isn’t afraid of anything in the eerie alley. But he doesn’t know all the crude, odd things that can happen there. He’s about to find out.

    Bryce turned the familiar, shadowy corner; His house was still a little ways, but Bryce didn’t care. He liked the darkness and the weird sounds that the darkness lets in. Bryce would always walk in this way from this friend’s (Dalyn) house.

    Dalyn and Bryce always meet on Fridays at one another’s house. They always go from school and nowhere else. Their parents are all right with their schedules, so they try not to book anything on Friday.

    Bryce rounded the next corner and stopped at an odd sound. It was like nothing he has heard of before. At first, Bryce thought that it was just a Frisbee, a gunshot, and a balloon being popped all at the same time. But Bryce soon realized all the different sounds kept going off at the same time. And, the closer he got to his house, the closer the sound seemed to be.

    For the first time in his life, Bryce was scared of being in the alley. He was so scared, he thought that he could just stop right in the middle of the alleyway and cry. But he couldn’t, one: he didn’t want to look like a lame sissy, two: whoever was stalking him might jump him, and three: home was a lot safer than a dark alleyway.

    When Bryce’s house was into view, Bryce saw a bright, pale blue light over his house. The boy started jogging absent-mindedly while staring at the light, thinking, “What the crap is that?!” Bryce, eventually, stopped moving all together, with his gaze fixed on the light.
    He, finally, turned away from the unexpected light and began to run toward his house. Bryce had no idea what was going on, but he knew that it was not good.

    He looked back up into the sky and halted. He saw that the light was turning colors. From blue to yellow to green to purple and it went on from there. “What is happening?” Bryce thought as it turned red and it stayed red. He looked away and walked a few steps but turned his head up toward the dark heavens with the odd light. It turned dark red.

    Bryce shook his head and, before he ran, he found himself on the roof of his house. “Oh my—what the heck happened?!” he screamed. “How did I freakin’ get up here?!” Bryce crouched down and touched the rough surface of the roof with his shaking hands. He didn’t understand anything; not a single thing. He bit his lip in fear and tried to control his breathing. He held his breath as he glared at the sky.

    It was so dark red that it was nearly unnoticeable. Bryce sensed that something was wrong; something what was NOT good.
    That was the last thought Bryce had.