• Chapter 1:The First Sunset of the Month

    I was 11 years old being lazy in bed like any other child in the morning. My parents weren't home because of their jobs as first shift. It was me and my younger brother and my dog Lucy. My little brother Andrew was sitting on the computer talking to his friend Stephanie. Stephanie was at home with her mother, her dad was in the hospital with his sister and Stephanie was terrified. I felt so bad for her. She had a massive stroke and could barely breathe. Stephanie had to go because she had ballet on Saturdays. I glanced to the right of me and seen a picture. It stated "Don't read untill January 1, 2008". I was so confused. Around noon, me and my dog Lucy took a nap on the living room couch while my brother was playing "Mario". That was his favorite game that he played all day long. Usually I missed my parents on their work days but for some reason I was perfectly fine home alone, well atleast no parents home. I did get kind of bored. All of the sudden, the phone rang and it was my grandmother and on the phone I heard crying in the backround. I asked her what was wrong. There was no reply. In a quiet voice I heard.....your dog Lucy...has ran away and got hit by a car. I was bawling and then the sun went down.