• I found myself sitting in a large armchair in front of a television. On the 52 inch screen was the Halo 3 start menu, and Such Horrible Things by Creature Feature was blasting from the speakers. “I’ve seen all of this before,” I said to myself. That’s when I realized I was dreaming. It was that kind of dreaming where you know you’re dreaming, so you enjoy it more.
    I smiled evilly and rang a small bell, knowing what would come next. My mom and aunt, Hatshepsut, (my family is messed up) walked in wearing a pantsuit and carrying a silver platter. On the platter there was a large bowl of kettle corn and a game controller. “Here you are Thut, sir,” she said. My name was actually Thutmose III, but I doubt anyone would want to say the whole thing.
    Just then, the music changed. It was Chopin’s Fantaisie-Impromptu. I don’t hate classical music I find it quite relaxing. I just don’t like waking up to this song, seeing as it was very loud. My mom thought it was a ‘soothing’ way to wake up, though I beg to differ.
    “Turn it off! I’m up!” I yelled. My voice echoed throughout the palace. A few seconds later, the music stopped. “Finally,” I whispered to myself. I could hear faint snickering that got louder as my mom got closer to my room. “I see you’re awake,” she said with a sly smile plastered on her face, “Hurry and get dressed, then come get some breakfast.”
    I groaned and got out of bed. I hated her so much. She took my spot on the throne, because I was very young when my dad, Thutmose II, died. She should’ve given it up by now, but since she won’t I’ll take it by force.

    I walked into the kitchen wearing my black shirt that read, ‘I’m not so good at advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?’ and some slightly saggy jeans. I was known as the ‘gangster Goth’ at school. My hair was partially covering my eyes, and still damp from my shower.
    Hatshepsut’s back was turned so I stealthily sprinkled some arsenic on her eggs. She came back to the table with a cup of coffee. “You know, I’m not all that hungry.” I watched in disbelief as Hatshepsut took her plate and dumped the eggs into the garbage. I could have sworn I saw a smirk on her face as she did so, but I brushed it off.
    In a way I was glad my mom woke me up a bit early. I had tampered with her brakes, I really wanted the throne, so I was definitely walking today. I grabbed my things and headed for the door.
    “Where are you going, Thut?” Hatshepsut asked.
    “I’m walking to school today.”
    “No you aren’t”
    “But I’m scared of the car. What if the brakes fail?”
    Hatshepsut’s eyes changed form suspicious to sly to not giving any emotions at all in a split second. “You don’t have to worry about that, honey. I had one of the servants check on them earlier this morning,” she said, the sly look flashing in her eyes again. “Oh my goodness, is she psychic or something?” I thought.
    I sighed and shuffled to the garage. “I’ll be right there. Just going to get my lesson plans,” she said. He heals quickly clicking behind me.
    On my way to the car I ran through a couple scenarios in my head. If she’s lying, then we both die. If she’s telling the truth then it’s either a coincidence, or she knows what’s going on. We were both in the car now, so I could only hope for the best.

    When we got to school I was shaking. My friend, Amun, walk up beside me. “So how’s your ‘I’m going to kill my mom to get the throne’ plan coming along?” he said. “Don’t mock me, man,” I said composing myself, “She’s almost as psycho as I am.” Amun gave me a sideways glance, and then changed the subject. “Listen, I have to go finish some homework. I’ll catch you later,” he said quickly walking in the direction of the library. I sighed and started walking to my first period, thinking about my next ‘evil scheme’.

    When the lunch bell rang, and rushed out and stood by the stairs. I was planning to push Hatshepsut down the stairs. It was simple but effective. I waited a while, and then I saw her walking toward the front office. “What the-? She took the elevator,” I said to myself. I sighed and trudged down the stairs. “Maybe I should just wait for her to die naturally to get the throne. But that would take forever and I want the throne now. No, just once more today. I won’t give up that easily.” I thought.
    So I went through the rest of the day either thinking about my plans or sleeping. I wasn’t really in the mood for school today. It’s a good thing I usually sit in the back of the class. Though there was a couple times where I almost got caught.
    Finally, it was time for sixth period. ‘Her’ class was my last class of the day. So I rushed into the room and carried out my plans before she got back to the classroom. My first plan was to use the classical ‘de-bolt the teacher’s chair’ trick. Old school, but funny and effective. The fall was sudden enough to break something. My second plan was a little more complex. I reconfigured the stapler so that when you stapled something it would shoot poisonous darts at the person using it.
    The bell rang and I hurried to my seat. “All right class, today I am giving you time to work on your reports in class,” Hatshepsut said. In this class everyone just Mrs. H, no one could really pronounce her name.
    I was sitting next to Amun, so I told him about my plans. “Not this again,” he sighed, “You really have to find a new hobby, Thut.” “I know I’ve said that ‘this is the day she dies’ about a hundred times, but this time I’m sure,” I said, a broad smile plastered to my face. “Whatever, dude,” Amun said, “Are we still going paint-balling today?”
    “When I’m king, Amun, I’ll buy you your own paintball court.” I did a sweeping hand motion signaling him to imagine it. Amun’s facial expression changed from amazed to annoyed. “Just answer the question, Thut.” I sighed. “Yes we’re going paint-balling. Jeez, you can’t let me have my moment?” I asked. “Not when you have one almost everyday,” he replied. I rolled my eyes, and turned to watch my mom sit down in the rigged chair.
    Just before she sat down, an administrator rushed into the room. “Mrs. H, don’t sit in that chair!” he said. Her eyes widened and she stepped away from the chair. A couple more administrators rolled another swivel chair into the room. “Your new chair has arrived and I don’t think you should go another day without it,” he continued. My mouth dropped open as everyone started clapping. I numbly clapped along with everyone. Amun nudged me. “Just wait,” I said before he could comment.
    I took some random papers out of my bag and turned to another kid in the class. “Hey, Fadil, can you go ask Mrs. H to staple these for me?” I asked him. “Why can’t you do it?” I asked suspiciously. “Just go do, please,” I said, shoving the papers in his hand. Fadil sighed and walked up to Hatshepsut’s desk. “Can you staple these for me, Mrs. H?” “Go ahead and staple them, the stapler is right there,” she said.
    My eyes widened as he stapled the papers. A dart flew out at got him in the neck. Hatshepsut’s eyes widened, the class gasped, and I just slammed my head on the table. “Told you so,” Amun whispered to me. “Shut up,” I retorted.

    Everyone got let out of school early, because of the ‘accident’. As soon as I got home I just went into my room and lay down in bed. I had had a long day, attempting murder is very tiring, I had no homework, so I was just going to sleep the rest of the day away. Right before I fell asleep, I could swear I heard my mom snickering again.