• Nothing is the same anymore.

    Everything has been quiet for the past few centuries. A few accidents here, and some major fights there. But nothing has really changed. Everything in this world has been the same for as long as anyone can remember anymore.

    The problem? Something is changing, and has been for years. Not a soul realizes it because they have been living ’normal’ lives. Not one single person has taken a look in a History book in hundreds of years. Why? Because every single book from the past has been burned.

    That’s right. Burned. The government has searched every single house, business, and all other buildings for books from long lost authors, and burned them. No one really knew why, but they didn’t argue. Those that did burned with the books they were defending. Sounds harsh doesn’t it? That’s what everyone thought, but no one spoke up.

    People have lost neighbors, close friends, and even family members to the burnings, and not one of them has stood up and fought back. They have all been too afraid to. The fear of losing their own lives has grown way too much in the past hundred years. To fear ones own death over a family member’s is one thing. But to want to save your own life over a family member? To want your life to continue while your children burn in front of you? Pathetic. Inhuman. Heartless. Soulless. Stupid. Cruel. Coldhearted. Everything in any book you can think of to call it. Nothing can sum it up, at least not in one word. But there is one word that stands out, isn’t there? Check again. You see it now, right?


    That single word being said will get you killed. That is what has changed. Not that you get killed for saying it, of course, that’s been around for more years than anyone can count. But what has changed is that it’s true. Something inhuman is going on, and no one wants to believe it. But with all the recent accidents and fights, and the way they start and finish, something isn’t right. Something is terribly wrong in this messed up and cruel world, and there are some who believe it.

    It’s with this little group that the real story begins. They all believe that they can stop it. But the question is: Do they want to? With everything that the government is doing to change the world, they would rather die. But what they need to decide is if this coming storm is really a bad thing. Couldn’t it be a good thing ? Can other species other than humans truly exist in reality, and not just in their dreams? Are these other species truly causing all the troubles for them, or is it the government? Or perhaps there is something more. Something behind the works of the government. Either way, will the group side with the humans? Or will they side with the upcoming storm?

    All they know is that a battle is starting, and leading to a war between races. And that is something the realms haven’t seen for centuries. And as friends become enemies, and enemies become their greatest allies, this group of humans will finally live the lives their dreams have shown them. They will learn the truths behind the Ancient Wars, and the lies the government has fed them. They must choose between living lies, or living with the knowledge they receive through dreams, visions, and strange voices heard in their minds.

    Nothing is the same anymore. Not our lives. Not our thoughts. Not even our dreams...