• A different place, a different mind, a different person altogether, or that's what she was taught. She can't say, as she's not really that old. At the easy manipulation age, which would be five. She was taught a while ago, that when people die, they become a different mind, in a different place, and a different person altogether. It made the young girl think, that maybe her parents had turned into a different people all together. Now she was stuck alone on this planet. A Saiyajin planet at that, but she wasn't on Planet Vegeta, oh no, that blew up years ago, way before her short life had begun. She was a full saiyajin, but, she was different. She didn't have the usual black hair and black eyes like a normal full saiyajin would have, no. Her hair was red, and she had purple eyes. It made her stand out, a genetic fault in her body the highly ones trained in science say. This result in being bullied, for just being different. Yet, she had one friend, and he protects her whenever their together, this was twenty four seven. Seeing they both live in the same orphange on this planet. This planet......thats what all the saiyajin refer to it as, seeing nobody knows it's true name.

    "Maybe you won't be tramatized if you didn't look so different." The care taker of the orphange said to the girl, as she had her face wiped clean with tissue and a alchohol rub. She had some parts of her face where it was just new rawr skin, of course it made her yell seeing as it was sore and tender. But thats what the bullies of the planet did, and the saiyajin race if far more stronger then that of the human race, so they could have done more damage, but of course her nine year old friend, who she looked up to as a brother, came and stopped them before they could do more damage, then what's already been done.
    "Yeah, maybe." She replied quietly, while walking away after the care taker cleaned and bandaged her face. The young girl spotted her friend sitting on one of the chair's, cross legged, while ready a book. He must have been waiting for her. She was about to go up to him until the care taker came again and put a hand on her shoulder. As a reaction, the young girl looked up at her, as she shook her head. Confused, she looked back and saw the boy put his book down, and then walk away with an adult, and a bag. It struck her then in her brain, that he had just been adopted and was now going to his new home. It hit her like a ton of bricks, that she just ran out of the orphange and down the streets of this planet.

    Not looking where she was going, she ran into somebodies legs and wiped her eyes, as they were blurred with her tears. She looked up at them as they turned around. She quickly stood up and then ran around them, her tail tightened around her waist just in case they tried to grab it. Thats when the young girl felt someone grab the collor of her shirt, and lift her off the ground and towards them again. Closing her eyes tightly in case she was punched, she didn't show fear, as she was used to it, but closing her eyes was a natural reaction for her.
    "Aren't you going to say sorry for running into the prince of saiyajins?" The voice questioned, it sounded rough in her mind as well as imtimadating, which made her unable to speak, seeing that the voice imtimadated her.
    "Don't be so mean dad!" A younger, more girly sounding voice said. Even if it did sound annoying, the girl was happy that the voice spoke up. She opened one eye slightly, and saw what she beleived to be a whole bunch of saiyajin's, apart from a few which she could tell were human because of their power level. The rest were of course Saiyajin's.