• I glared with pure hatred at Drake.

    "What the hell are you doing here?" I hissed, glaring darkly.

    "I simply came to drive some common sense into your small, ridiculous mind," he replied, beginning to pace back and forth across the room.

    "Common sense?" I growled back.

    "Yes. You see, he is not a gentlemen."

    "Oh, like you are?! Sure, you're a man. But a gentlemen? I don't see anything gentle about shoving your girlfriend against the wall."

    "Ah... You still deny that you're unbearably in love with me," he murmured softly, ghosting towards me now.

    "I've lost all love for you a long time ago!"

    "Oh, is that so?" he asked, putting both his hands on the wall around me, cornering me. My glare became even darker. His left hand was on my cheek now, and his lips met mine. I didn't hesitate--I knew what happened when I tried to shove him away when he did this. I couldn't help myself, though, when his lips parted and our tongues met. I tried to shove him away, but his arms were around my waist and he was dragging me toward the bed. I attempted to push him away again, but did not succeed. We were on the bed now, and he was tearing my shirt off. I drew the line here. I bit his lip, and he immediately cried in pain, stepping back. I yanked my shirt back in place and kneed him in that one place that they really hate being hit.

    "Fauna?" It was Greg. Thank God.

    I shoved Drake out of the way and smashed right into Greg. He embraced me protectively, glowering at Drake. Drake was still somewhat limp from the blow, but seeing Greg made him recover.

    "You." He pointed at Greg. "...You're pure... Pure evil. Satin!" Greg stood calmly, despite Drake's attempts at damaging him emotionally.

    "Drake," he said, his voice even, "you had your chance. Now let her go, before you hurt her any further more." Under his breath, I heard him mutter so quietly that only I could hear, "you filthy mutt..." Drake took a step toward us, huddled in the doorway.

    "I... UGHHH!!!!" I flinched, hearing Drake's roar. He stepped forward quickly and yanked me away from Greg, throwing my against the wall.

    Greg screamed a blood lust cry of fury and hatred, pouncing across the room and landing on top of Drake. If this were a cartoon, there would have been the cloud of grey smoke and the red letters, outlined in yellow, saying, "POW!" Unfortunately, however, I witnessed it all. From the swollen lip to the half-of-the-face-missing thing, it was terrifying. Fortunately, however, the pain endured was all Drake's. Greg merely had a couple of bruises, but that was all.

    Drake screamed in agony, raising his hands in a sign of defeat. Greg instantly leaped up and stood by my side. He had a black eye as well, but that was still a minor injury.

    "O-okay, you win, you c-crazy mother ********," Drake hissed at Greg. Then, to me, he growled, "W-we could have h-had something, b-but you th-threw it all away." I couldn't tell if he was close to tears from the physical or emotional pain, or if Greg had somehow managed to scare the hell out of him, but all traces of curiosity vanished when he coughed up blood.

    "You--" he began again, but Greg silenced him with an upraised palm.

    "Please, Drake. I don't want to hurt you anymore, but I will if I must." I gazed at Greg. He was a gentlemen.

    Drake finally left, aiming a dirty finger at us and cussing more than I'd ever heard, but he left. I think that the finger he held up was broken as well.

    "Fauna," Greg whispered, putting hands on both my shoulders, "please tell me you're alright..." A small tear escaped his eye. My own eyes watered after that, and I nodded, biting my lip.

    "Oh, thank God," he whispered, pulling my into a secure hug. He managed to kiss the tear that rolled down my cheek off as well.

    "Fauna... Can we... Just..." He was shaking his head, as if considering a difficult decision.

    "...Can we... what?" I asked, curiosity getting the best of me as if often did.

    "...Aghh... Please, just... Can..." His head shook faster, and I placed both of my hands on his cheeks, slowing the shaking.

    "What, Greg..?" He stared into my eyes for a moment, and before I knew, our lips met. I got tongue yet again, and I was soon in the air, in his arms. We were on the bed soon after that, and I fit the pieces together.

    "G-Greg," I murmured, pushing gently against his chest. He retreated and looked me in the eyes again.

    "I-if you don't want to--" he began, but I smiled, shaking my head slowly. I wrapped my arms around his neck and sank into my favorite kind of happiness.

    ~*The End*~