• Me, my wife, and my three sons have always lived on the main street, until "it" happened. Every day me, Tom, my oldest son, Greg, the middle child and, Ben, the youngest would go and play catch in our front yard. Greg was trying to show me how fast he could through it and threw it in the street, I didn't see and cars so i let Ben go get it while i stood on the side walk and watched for cars. Screeching around the corner of the intersection came this white truck he had to be going over 70 miles per hour. I yelled to Ben to move but it was to late I cringed once I saw the impact, and saw his body go limb. I ran to his side and checked his pulse we later found he had died on impact.

    (Im going yo write more here but don't know what yet any ideas?)

    Ever since Ben died we have been trying to move out of the house. We thought that was it for him we knew there was no way, no miracle to bring him back. I was with Tom and Greg when everything i believed was completely turned around. Greg and Tom were playing catch and i was watching them over the pages of my book. When I thought I saw Ben at first I thought it was my imagination until i saw him catch the ball that was rolling into the road. I heard a loud bang from down the street and saw a man with a gun and turned my head to see Ben laying on the ground I jumped out of the seat then he disappeared.