• My home didnt feel the same now, and my mind felt shut off.My thoughts kept going back to the alley.'Why the ******** did he...' I kept thinking,as i went to the shower.

    My bed felt to comfortable,in this nice house.I felt like i was being watched, all through my sleep.I awoke to my cell ringing.'caller id:unidentified' 'god damn it, its my boss.'I whispered to the pillow.
    "yes?"I answered to the rings.
    "alley,fast please,Goldfire."His voice sounded petrified.
    "yes sir"I told him, and he hung up.

    The alley was colder, if that was possible.Darker,even,and way wetter than the usual."Goldfire,over here."He whispered,and i went out the corner of the alley."yes sir?"
    "They know where to find us,we must go."
    "Sir, allow me."
    I got into my most powerful form;The dragon form, were all my magic was stored.'I can give you a ride.' I told his mind.
    "but dragons are extinct.In this place anyways."
    'no there not, they'll shoot at me but they cannot kill an immortal'
    "alright."He climbed onto my back.I got on my hind legs,unfurled my wings,and took flight.Spears, arrows and swords were thrown to me,but little did they know it only made me angrier.Fire lept from my mouth and fell onto the buildings,as dry as they were.The fire was hot,but it was my own.