• Chapter 2
    Escape to the city of Emerald pearls

    Jean stood leaning against the wall breathing heavily no idea what the attack was that hit him. No idea what it was doing well that part was obvious it was a poison of some sort it was weakening him and making his vision blurred.

    The man standing before him wore a long red trench coat with black pants his hair was long and white and his ears were pointed he was clearly and elf his silver eyes gleamed from the near by fires. He had a crimson spear in one hand and spun it casually as he walked forward and then did a little leap forward and a beam of red fire shot forth hitting several soldiers causing a small explosion.

    The elf stood up and walked forward his spear shrunk into a small little handle and he placed it in the folds of his coat. He kneeled down next to Jean and whispered.

    “Listen well swordsman I can heal you….and treat your injuries and I will help you escape but I expect you to pay me back in full…. deal or no deal.”

    The elf smiled and laughed a cold laugh cause the elf already new what the answer was. He stood up and started walking away slowly casually and then stopped at the movement behind him and dived to the right and his spear was some how already in his hand and drawn.

    “Listen swordsman you’re in no condition to fight…..tell you what we survive this and you can fight me in top condition and we call it even then!”

    The elf was shocked and rather upset about this he thought he would get an easy fool to trick into servitude He waited and the swordsman sheathed his sword and started moving again the elf made no movement.

    “Well you are going to help me or what.” Jean coughed and gasped.

    The elf smiled and walked forward spinning his spear making it shrink again and he once again stuck the weapon I the folds of his coat and helped the swordsman.

    “The name is Vicks pleasure to meet you and what is your name?”

    The elf smiled and waited for a reply and only got one word. “Jean”

    The two moved forward and reached a large wall of fire with a few soldiers and the man Mikhail…..

    Vicks placed Jean down and pulled out a blue gem and placed it on Jean’s chest.

    “Jean leave this gem on your chest when it is glowing green your cured but your need to rest for a few leave these guys to me human.”

    Jean grabbed Vicks by his collar and pulled him close and whispered.

    “That man is a spirit gun user….watch him he is tough.” Jean then let go and rested against the wall.

    Vicks nodded and turned and began whispering words under his breath and his left hand began to glow with electricity and his right began to glow white and he waved his right hand a wave of ice shot forward.

    Mikhail launched one shot of a fire blast that shielded him but his soldiers took the hit and stood in place frozen. He noticed the second wave of fire and shot another round this caused a small explosion followed by a cloud of smoke.

    Mikhail loaded a multi colored gem of white and blue and began shooting ice blasts into the smoke. When the smoke cleared several patches of ice lay waste to the area but the red coated man was nowhere to be seen and that’s when a black portal opened and the red coated man launched out of it with a blast of lightning Mikhail countered with another blast of ice this caused an explosion of ice shards shooting everywhere and Mikhail tumbled back and used the same round he used to make the crystal sword and rushed the red coated man he came in low and sure enough his sword was blocked but Mikhail expected this and spun around and tripped the red coat man and stabbed down only to his nothing.

    Vicks appeared a few feet away from the soldier gasping for air. He swung his crimson spear and launched another fire blast that the soldier dodged with ease. Vicks new this fight was dragging on way to long and spun and sheathed his weapon and began casting with both hands and launched several large fire balls that exploded the area around the soldier and Vicks did not wait he grabbed Jean and ran down a near by alleyway and sure enough they got out of the town and kept on moving.

    Mikhail saw the fireballs and the explosion hurt and bad he was flown through a building and landed on a hay stack. He was hurt and bleeding he forced himself up saying to himself. “get up Mikhail enemies of the Empire need to be vanquished kill all those who oppose his Majesty.”

    Mikhail got up and made it out of the building and collapsed outside of it. He awoke in an infirmary tent being healed by the medic a person who mastered the medical field along with magic and science.

    Vicks and Jean kept on moving for what seemed like hours till night fell they had made camp rather easily thanks to Vicks magic.

    Jean had healed fully and sat at the fire pondering brooding over what had happened. Vicks sat across from Jean stirring a pot that sat over the fire. Both of their gazes seemed fierce as if the fire fed off both of these powerful figures just to stay alive.

    “So Jean what brought you to that battle field of a city trying to play hero or something?” Jean asked slowly and cautiously

    Jean did not answer immediately but he spoke after a rather long moment of silence.

    “That battle field is…..was my home now it’s a smoldering pile of ash. I was trying to save my fellow friends and family and the people I grew up with. I failed them and now they are prisoners or recruited as soldiers to the army of Magi Tech legions.”

    Vicks did not answer immediately he it was obvious he was going over what he was going to say in his head and then looked up.

    “ I was a friend to the alchemist of that town he was a family friend I came by and gave him new ingredients and recipes for new potions to treat the ill and such. When I came today I saw what was happening I naturally went straight to the shop only to see it in ruble.”

    They sat in silence and the only thing that broke the silence was Jeans voice.

    “I think the food is ready.”

    They ate and didn’t say another word to each other.

    Mikhail sat in his bed bandaged up and read the battle reports of losses and prisoners and new recruits. The final paper he read was the one he saved for last the mission report the object of the entire invasion and annihilation of the town. He read the report and smiled and waved at the private in the room to hand him the package. Mikhail opened it and smiled even more.

    “The Omega gem…..is yours my King.”

    Mikhail laughed with amusement and turned to the private.

    “Send out a messenger to the capital that we have our object and make sure that the messenger states we await our next orders. I want our fastest messenger sent and right now tell the troops to rest and be prepared we move as soon as we get our next orders.”

    The private ran out of the room and left Mikhail staring at the orange gem in the black bag. He stared at it and new all his injuries all his soldiers that fell in battle had not died in vane they had succeeded for the King and his ultimate absolute plan.

    The sun rose up it was dawn and the swordsman Jean and the magic user the elf Vicks walked down the dirt trail walking in the general direction of the nearest big city. They had been walking for the good portion of the morning they had not said much since the talk they had the previous night and as the day ticked by they had deciphered it was noon and the city of Emerald Pearls stood in the distance and it was said to be the most beautiful of cities. The one thing they had left in their path was a small bridge. A man stood on this bridge to the demise of Jean and Vicks.

    The man was taller then Jean and had more muscles from better perspective he had a black highway man’s coat with the collar up covering most of his face. His legs that were visible from the coat showed he had black pants and boots. The two things terrifying of this man were one his large black sword he held in his hand that rested on his shoulder and the scary gauntlets that had five gems on each gauntlet. He stood at the threshold of the bridge the Emerald City stood behind him.

    Jean walked up to the big man and stood out of this mans swords reach. He faced him and showed no fear and spoke to this man.

    “Step aside your blocking our path…….and if you do not move tell me your name so I know who I am fighting to reach my goal which is Emerald pearl City.”