• He stood there with a look of disbelief on his face. As he gazed into the dull, grey room he gently slid the ice cold, shivering bars to one side and the sweet smell of stale sweat shrouded him. He took one step in, then another and again once more, across the hard concrete flooring. Now stood in the middle of the room he looked around. For answers perhaps?

    He noticed much contraband; posters on all four walls but one big poster he just kept looking at over and over again. There was something about that poster that sent shivers down his spine. The poster itself didn’t look at all out of the ordinary, with the exception of the eyes which followed every movement around the room, but the floor below the poster seemed to be somewhat damp and there was a small cluster of insects above.

    As he moved away to the right of the poster he came across a few shelves, on these shelves were a few polished rocks that had been sculpted into a variety of different shapes, some smooth like a neatly polished table and others not quite finished. Alongside these sculptures were a collection of books one of which being the ‘Holy Bible’.

    While the warden was investigating everyone in the room was anticipating what would lie ahead, the stool was on the tips of his toes, the toilet sat there with her mouth wide open, gargling to the sink who seemed very interested in what was happening. On the other hand the bed just lopped there ignoring anything going on; he’s the lazy one.

    “Caw!” The cry of a raven sat on the window ledge.

    Hearing the cry of the bird calling him near, he gradually made his way towards the metal barred window. The bird flew away. As he peeped out the window he observed all the birds outside which frolicked in the breeze, without a care for what has happened in the dark midst of the fiasco. The birds laughed at him. Franticly he picked up a tiny sculpture from the window ledge looked at the poster and mumbled “this is a conspiracy, that’s what this is!” Pow! He threw the sculpture off the poster. Tap, tap, tap. The sculpture pierced a deep, dark, almost devious, tiny hole in the poster and the sculpture just kept tapping down an empty void. Hearing this the warden pulled back the poster to uncover a hole, big enough for a grown man to crawl through. The warden didn’t think it was possible for such a gateway to be conjured out of nowhere, or at least many, many years of imprisonment.

    A fresh start…