• The rain smashes in to the glass pane of the window, the wind pulling at the trees trying to rip them from the very ground they held on to.

    Thunder echoing through the houses causing them to shake, the flash of lightening that followed soon after lighting the dark surroundings that were almost hidden by the thick curtain of rain.

    Children sitting at their windows watching the storm from the safety of their house, others hide in fear, the wind making the out side sound as if all of the monsters were howling and scratching at their windows and doors.

    Only the brave or the desperate venture out side in the bitterly cold rain, that slashes across the skin on their faces, coats pulled tightly around them.

    The few that were visible rushing from cars to houses, houses to cars, trying their best to spend as little time in the falling blades of deadly water.

    Walking this street, is a boy of about sixteen years of age. Red hair soaked and falling in to his face, hiding one of his brilliant blue eyes, a long black leather jacket billowing out behind him with every step he takes, his baggy black jeans soaking up the water his black boots splash up at them, the only part of his clothing that was spared from the ice cold rain was the blood red button down shirt. His face showed no discomfort, no emotion could be found on his there apart from a slight frown that you could only notice if you were looking for such a thing.

    Something is about to change some thing new is coming to change it all, and that is the boys reason for being out in the near apocalyptic weather. A little way off at the end of the street stood another person, upon first look you would have thought that they were dressed the same. The other was wearing a long black trench coat and smart black trousers and a black button down shirt. His short black hair still spiked up despite the rain. His face much different to the other boys although they were the same age the red head’s face appeared to hold more wisdom. A small smile was on the black haired teens face.
    “Hisoka, I didn’t think you would make It.” he laughed as the other boy approached,
    “Akira. I thought you were dead.” His voice just as void of emotion as his face,
    “you have little faith in me ‘soka” his voice becoming serious, turning to face the other boy just in time for him to be punched full force in the face, he fell to his knee’s clutching his face, eye’s watering.
    “Never call me that again” His voice deadly “Now get up and let’s get going.”

    He walked away from the boy, not even looking back to see if the other was following. After a few minutes they reached a large green, in the centre of this green was a large oak tree that had been there since the beginning of time. Standing next to the ancient tree were two girls both wearing the same as Akira.
    “Nari” the red head bowed slightly to girl with a black scarf hiding most of her face, her black hair tucked behind one of her ears “Kaida” he bowed once again this time to her blonde counterpart.
    “You got a better greeting than me!” Akira added, pointing to the now darkening bruise on his face.

    “Dear brother, knowing you” Nari’s dark voice slightly muffled from the scarf “you probably deserved it.”

    Nari and Kaida each held a metal brief case that was chained to their wrists
    “I wish Toshi would hurry up” the blonde muttered “I am freezing over here!”
    “My apologises for keeping you waiting Kaida” a voice said sternly from behind her, she jumped, and spun round bowing.
    “I am sorry Toshi” she all but shouted “Please for give me”
    A man stood before her with long blonde hair and stunning green eyes. His blue jeans and pure white shirt showed no signs of the rain that was pelting them.

    Kaida and Nari knelt and unchained the cases opening them slowly. Pulling two identical silver guns from within the cases, they turned as passed them back to Akira and Hisoka.

    Light burst from the tree in front of them. The two boys aimed at the light ready to shoot what ever may come out from within.

    This tree had been here since the beginning of time and is the only remaining tree of its kind, there used to be one on every country, these trees are the link between the other worlds, when the light shines from the tree the gateway is opened, but you can never be sure which world the gateway has opened in, but the gate way only opens every five years, in a storm like this.

    The light began to grow it now took on the shape of a door; the handle of the door slowly began to twist. Some one or something was trying to get out.

    The door swung open, revealing darkness and framed in the darkness was a person. The person that would change every thing.