• Abigial was the one girl no one cared about exept for the boy next door to her house in the village.She wasn't aloud to talk to him because her parents didn't approve of him with her.

    One day Abigail was walking in-front of the castle trying to get away from her village,far away.
    she heard her name called in the far distance.So far away it was almost a whisper...

    "Abigial." she heard in a whisper voice and she stopped walking, and looked around no one was there,so she kept walking.

    "Abigial."She heard again this time closer,and clearer.So she looked left and right, but she didnt see anyone.

    "Abigial,can you hear me?Follow my voice." A man said.
    So Abigiail did as she was told and started walking right until someone hugged her waist from behind.She almost screamed but then he whisperd into her ear.

    "Abigail,what on earth are you doing here? Are you trying to get killed?"

    She looked down at the gravel below her feet. "No,but...I didnt think anyone would care if i was here..."
    She kept looking down
    "No one cares...."

    She felt his head nod on her shoulder.
    "No Abigial,i care."
    He turned her around to face him and hugged her.
    She tried to push him away,as tears swelled in her eyes,making it hard to see his face.
    But then she gave up and burried her tear filled face into his shoulder and hugged him back.

    "I need to get away from my family and everyone,i can't stand them."Abigial said in a whisper.
    "I'm coming with you."He said to her,pulling her closer.
    "I love you" Abigail whisperd in a teary voice.
    "I love you too." He whisperd back,grabbed her hand and they walked as far away from town as they could.
    They were never heard of again.
    But they lived happily together,forever.