• "I never knew what exactly the decision I made that day would do to me. I thought I would gain power, strength, and have a free will upon millions of corrupted souls to do as I wished. I was dead wrong... The only thing it brought me was suffering and much pain. Who would have ever thought that I would end up being temptation itself and have the responsibility of containing the world's sins within me. I feel like the Devil...

    I remember when I met my current twin brother, Zero of Rose, back when I was a captain for a clan of vampires. My leader was the son of Anubis called Vamp, whom I gave my loyalty to completely. Zero was neutral in the war of vampires and lycans, but there was something about him that wasn't right. I could sense he was more than the eye could see. I kept my eye on him, and in the end, he turned out to be an Overlord, the title given to those who helped create the Earth as it is, and the name of his entity was Twilight, who could control elements and death. He and I never got along for some reason, until he asked me to take the position of the new Overlord of Sin. I was surprised he chose me; I was the queen of succubi and that was the most surprising thing anyone could've told me! Sadly, I watched when Zero stripped the man who had the title from his powers but delighted when I received them. From that day, I acquired the entity called Sin, a beautiful woman who could accomplish anything she wanted, for myself. She was now part of me... Ever since that night, Zero and I were officially twin brothers by power, bound by our entities forever.

    As time passed, I learned more about this newfound powers, which caused me great joy to know could serve me well in this long lifetime that was ahead of me. Eventually Zero added more Overlords to our small family. I thought that maybe Cormag and his wife Lizzy could help us take the positions of Battle and Peace, being that they were so alike to the entities. They agreed, and now they're my siblings by power as well.

    After so many years of having this power, it made me realize... I wasn't happy with it... I wanted to let go of this forever, not be bound to another soul, not be called everyone's sins... I couldn't bear with the burden of having so many within me... It hurt too much inside, like they tried to rip their escape out of me! I would find a method to destroy this curse, somehow... I was desperately searching, because I had hurt too many as it was just by being in their presence.

    If there was anything I truly wished for right now, it is to get rid of this voice inside my head, and be part of a normal society with no worries crossing my mind. Who knows? Maybe I could one day find the way to free my soul from this chain that holds me forever back and finally be who I want to be. Maybe, someday, maybe...."

    Entry from Lilith of the Thorn's Diary
    Date: November 27
    Time: 2: 25 P.M.