• Yamahanu Junichi was walking to school. That may not be a big deal, most high-schoolers walked to school - but for him he was glad not to have to be driven to school.. his stupid chauffeur always embarassed him.
    His single friend, Tuuni Mikanu came running up, slapping him playfully on the back.
    "Hey old man! Walk faster, before we're late! Hey, why are you walking anyway?" Said Mikanu. They both were exact opposites - though both were wearing the school blue jacket, black trousers uniform, Junichi was tanned with dark straight hair reaching to his chin; Mikanu was pale, had light chocolate brown hair, cropped and styled into spikes.
    "I'm bored of limos." Junichi replied, with a frown, and Mikanu laughed.
    "You are funny man!" he said, still chuckling. Junichi shrugged - he hadn't been joking. At the big building ahead a clanging bell sounded.
    "Damn, we're late! C'mon man, race ya! Before reg!" Mikanu ran off. Junichi shrugged again, gac ehim 5 seconds, then raced after him, over taking him easily within a few seconds an making it to the classroom as the teacher called his name.
    "Here, Senpai." he said, slipping into his seat near the back, not even panting. A minute or so later, Mikanu came in, puffing, apolagised for being late and jumped into the seat next to Junichi.
    "Dude, how'd you do that? You should be in the track team!" Mikanu muttered under his breath, but Junichi only shook his head and directed his attention to the teacher, who had stood up.
    "Class, we've got two new students joining today. They speak Japanese, but not perfectly, so go easy on them. Hikari, Seiko!" she called, and everyone turned their gaze to the class door as it slid open. Two girls stood there.
    They were wearing the blue pleated skirt, light blue top and black vest jumper of the school uniform, but they were wearing one green and the other red over the knee socks. They both pulled it off by looking really cute, both with chin length red hair, and blue eyes.
    "... Hello, everyone." They said in unison after a short pause, standing in front of the blackboard. They spoke with a distinct English accent. The teacher asked them to say a bit about themselves, and they looked uncomfortable.
    "Well, this is Taminu Seiko.." one said, pointing to the other,
    "And this is Taminu Hikari.." the other said, pointing likewise. An appreciative murmur went through the class.
    "We're twins, from England. We moved here when our father here got a job as a technician.." They said in unison again - The class loved it, but Junichi was looking at them, his face blank.
    "We look forward to becoming part of the school and the class," said green-tights.
    "...And can't wait to make friends!" said red. With that they sat down in the two empty seats behind Junichi's and Mikanu's, obviously glad to be out of the limelight.
    The teacher clapped her hands and called for order, then began the first lesson, History of Japan. Junichi could see Mikanu itching to turn round and speak to them, but the teacher made it impossible.
    Halfway through the lesson, Junichi felt a slight tapping on his shoulder, and when he turned round, he saw it was one of the new twins. "Excuse me, Yamahanu-san," she said, leaning forward across her desk. "What did she say the king was called?" she asked, her face inches from his, her voice so soft the teacher didn't suspect a thing. With both of them at their desks he couldnt distuinguish them by their socks.
    Junichi widened his eyes. "Keitei." he muttered back. "How do you know my name?" he asked, confused. She blushed.
    "Oh, it say's on your bag." she pointed to his holdall hanging on the back of his chair, where the name label was sewn on the seam. He nodded, and made to turn back to the front when the other twin leaned across the gap between desks to say something in English to her twin, speaking to fast for Junichi to distuinguish any words he might have known. The one who had spoken to Junichi nodded to her twin, who then leant near Junichi. "Excuse me, but we don't really know the schedule, so we don't know what to do at breaktime. Could you tell us when that time comes?" she asked, in the same voice as her twin. Junichi hesitated, but Mikanu leant over to Junichi's desk, grabbed his head and shook it up and down for him. "We'll be delighted to, Taminu-chans." Grinnd Mikanu, but the teacher noticed him, and roughly puched him back to his own seat, before carrying on with the lesson. Junichi stifled a laugh at his friend.