• Nina sat by the window of the city building. She was keeping watch of the god Tarn as she kept him from danger as he got his memory back. She looked back and saw the sleeping boy, and her wolf Hino at the edge of the bed. The room grew darker as the night went on, Nina decided to go out and take a walk for she thought nothing would happen. She threw on her coat and jumped from the window taking her leave on the streets.

    Memories fludded her head, both bad and good. They were of Hino, before he was hurt almost to the death, but he was human. Tears rolled down her face as she could picture his smile, then his death. She was able to save him but only his spirit. Hino was forced to take a form of a water wolf.

    As Nina walked the streets rain started to fall lightly, the moon came out and it had gotten cold. Shadows spread across the walls and then, a demon arose from the mists of the cold. Nina lashed at the shadows around her. A whip of ice she made ripped through them like paper. Then a force held Nina to the building, choking her. "W-What do you want?!" she yelled. An answer came from all around her as a mans voice rang out. "What do i want? Well, your precious god, Aqua." Ninas eyes widened she could not breathe or move. "Y-you wo.nt g.et hi.m." she stuttered.

    Back at the building Hino had heared this comotion. He rushed out the window racing towards the fight. Leaping on top of the man he snapped at his face, snarling. The rain grew heavier and the moon hid behind the clouds. The force let go of Nina letting her fall to the ground. The man knocked hino off, but Hino grew angry. His eyes glowed, he ran and jumped lashing his tail sending the demon flying back into a building. Hino ran back and nudged his nose against Ninas stomach trying to wake her up.

    Ninas eyes opened slightly. She looked passed Hino, her vision blurred. Then she saw somthing, the mist of the demon. A sword formed in the demons hands and pointed to Hino. Ninas eyes widened but she couldnt speak. Quiet laughter could be heared. Hino turned around but to late. Hino yelped as the sword cut through him.

    Nina widened her eyes she got up. Nothing could be heared just silence as Hino fell to the ground. tears rolled down Ninas scared face. Time slowed down then the demon dissapeared. Nina wrapped her arms around the wolfs body. Time caught up with itself. "Hino!!!!!!!!" Nina cried. the rain turned to snow. Memories came and tears fell to the earth as she cried. The body of the wolf vanished into water vapor. Nina looked up she saw Hino standing in front of her, his hands in his pockets. He was human again, but it was only his spirit. He held out his hand smiling. "H-hino..." Nina cried. She reached for his hand trieng to grabb it, but she went through. Hino looked up and back to Nina. He waved slightly and turned around walking not looking back. As he walked a few steps away he changed to a wolf. Hino dissapeared in the snow. Nina held her head in her hands crying. Tears seeped through hitting the ground and freezing. A voice echoed through the street, "I love you, Nina.."