• The Battle of Love

    “How could you Dante?” asked Kirya as she wiped the tears from her eyes. He just looks at her. The trees in the dark forest stand still. “I thought I could trust you, but I guess I can’t. ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS POWER AND NOTHING ELSE! I’M SICK OF BEING ABUSED BY YOU WHEN YOU’RE POSSESSED BY DEMONS!” she screamed in anger. He continued to stand and stare. Finally he spoke. In clod words he mumbles to her “Go home Kirya. I have no use for you right now.” She just stands there in amazement. The wind began to pick to up. “Fine Dante……if this is what it leads to then…then I will fight you make you stay.” Kirya grabs an arrow from her quiver as a tear rolled down her cheek. The tear hit the arrow and made it glow a bright white. “Kirya, Kirya, Kirya.” Dante teased. “Why must you be so rash on things? Didn’t I teach you not to do that along time ago? He began to unsheathe his sword of black. He snickered as his sword began to glow a midnight purple. “This should be rather interesting. Light verses dark. I wonder who will win.” The wind began to blow slightly. The leaves whisper of great dangers, as if they know what will happen. Kirya’s eyes begin to glow white as Dante’s eyes glow red. She places her arrow to the bow. She aims. He disappears. She yells out to him “I knew it.” He whispers to her “You knew what?” she replies tauntingly “That you are a coward who is afraid to fight a battle. You run and hide, for you are not as powerful as you s……..” “SHUT UP! You don’t know anything about me!” He grabs her hair and yanks her head back. “Kirya you should know when to keep your mouth shut, and when to open it.” She begins to laugh. “Dante have you forgotten who you’re messing with? I’m not an average girl.” The wind blew hard. At this she smiled, as her body turned to leaves and drifted away with the wind. “Kirya, I hand no idea you possessed this ability. This is quite interesting.” Kirya begins to fill the woods with laughter. “Why thank you. I would teach it to you but since you’re trying to leave, I guess I can’t.” He snickers. “Yeah I guess not.” An arrow shoots at Dante. He gets hit the arm. He yanks the arrow from his arm. “Kirya, you can do a lot better than this. You and I both know this.” She grabs another arrow from her quiver. She places it up to bow. Pulling back the string, she aims. Before she shoots, he disappears again. All is quiet. From behind her she hears “Miss me?” she drops her bow. Quickly spinning on her toes she tries to stab him with her sacred light arrow. He grabs her wrist. He takes the arrow from her hand and the quiver from her shoulder. “Kirya you should’ve just gone home.” As he mumbled in his deep possessed voice, his crimson eyes stare deep into her once white but now silver eyes. Bravely, she stutters “W-why do you say that?” in a piercing voice he says “I can destroy you but I won’t.” She stands there in aw. She whispered in a quiet voice “Why wont you?” he just stands there looking into her now deep, deep blue eyes. He sends a message in his eyes. A tear rolled down her face again. “I said I wouldn’t destroy you. That doesn’t mean that I wont severely injure you.” As he chanted this message to her, he turned the arrow towards her wrist. His dark, demonic power turns the light arrow dark. With this evil arrow he burns her wrist as he stabs it. His cold eyes stared into hers as she closed them and clinched them from the pain. To his surprise, she didn’t scream in terrible pain as the blood ran down her arm. She mumbles to him “No matter what you do to me Dante, I will not just sit here and let you leave. That will be the last thing I do.” His grip tightened with each word she spoke. She kicked him multiple times to get him to let go. As soon as she was free she took off into the trees. He yelled after her “GET BACK HERE!” she kept running. Inside a hollow tree she found a place to rest. Dante closed his eyes trying to listen for her breathing. He found her. He telepathically moved himself to where she was. He hid behind the tree until he could confirm it was her. It was. He walked to the front of the opening. Her eyes caught his. Kirya’s eyes slowly became heavier and heavier. She whispered “Dan……..te……..” her eyes finally closed. “Stupid girl.” Dante muttered as he picked her up. “Why couldn’t you of just gone home?” an evil sense came over him again. He drops her and drops to his knees clutching his chest. With his power he pulled the demonic orb out of his chest. He found an arrow of Kirya’s and used it to purify the orb and destroy it. Dante returns to his normal self. He turns his head towards Kirya and sees her lying there motionless. He stands up, walks over, and picks her up. Dante holds her close to his chest. He begins to walk. Not knowing what to do, he just keeps walking. Many things began to run through his head. “What should I do?” he finally questioned himself. He looked down at Kirya. Her white dress is torn and ripped. He held her even closer to keep her warm. He paid no attention to his own wounds. As he approached a small village, he noticed no one live there. He continued to walk until he found an old temple. Inside there were cloths and water buckets. He lay her down softly on the ground and begins to tend to her wounds. He didn’t even know that she awoke because he was asleep across the room next to the room. She stood up and walked quietly over to the open window to a great view of the moon and stars. The moon a beautiful silver. The sky was midnight black. She began to sing a lullaby. “Little one tell me, why do you cry? Tell me, tell me, and let me dry your eyes. I will not hurt you, take my hand, one place to another, from sea to land.” Dante hears the tune. He silently wakes up. He remembers the tune from when she was little. Her mother use to sing it to her when she was scared. He gets up and walks over to her. “I remember that lullaby. Your mother use to sing it to you all the time.” Blushingly, she says “You heard that? I thought you were asleep.” He began to slightly smile. “I was. But when I heard your voice, I just had to listen.” A strong demonic aura knocks Kirya to the ground. Dante helps her up. “Are you okay?” she gasps for air. “It knocked the wind out me.” She whispered. A blue-green demon with red eyes appears. Kirya runs for her bow and arrows. As she runs she places a glowing arrow to the bow. She aims and fires. It hits, but it doesn’t cause any damage. Dante pulls his sword from it’s sheathe. He strikes the demon multiple times. Still no affect. She looks at him. He nods his head. Kirya grabs two arrows from her quiver. Dante has his sword glow a dark purple again. Kirya nodded. She shot her pure arrows full of sacred aura. Dante struck the demon multiple times with his demonic aura. With their combined power, they were able to cut the demon to pieces. What they thought was the end was the only the beginning. The demon reformed. With his right hand he threw Kirya across the forest, leaving her motionless, with a large open wound in her stomach. Dante was now furious. His sword was now glowing a dark crimson. Around his body the same aura glowed. With all his might,, he ran at the demon who attacked Kirya. He yelled to the demon “HOE DARE YOU DO THAT TO HER! SHE’S ALREADY BEEN THROUGH ALOT BECAUSE OF ME! Those were the last words the demon ever heard. With a final slash of his sword, Dante finally destroyed the demon. He places his sword back in it’s sheathe. He runs to where Kirya lay silently. Her white dress was now stained with red blood. He picked her up. As soon as he did, a tear rolled down her face. She was alive, but just barely. He could tell that she was afraid. She had lost a lot of blood. She began to cough. To his fear, she was coughing up blood. She reaches up and grabs his shirt. “Hurry to a hospital Dante.” Kirya whispered to him. She coughed again. He respected her wish. He came to large village. He rushes to the hospital and had her place in the I.C.U. the nurses and doctors had her sent out that same day. As they were heading back to their own village, she fell asleep against a tree. Dante sat next to her watching her dream. In her sleep she began to shiver. He gave her his crimson coat. That morning she woke up and he was asleep. She placed his coat across his shoulders. By the dark circles under his eyes, she could tell he was up all night. She let him sleep a little longer. He woke up around noon. Kirya was sitting in a tree as he began to stand up. He listened to softly whistle to a bird. As the bird flew away, she looked down. “Hello sleepy head.” He smiled and placed his hands in his front pockets to his jeans. He slung his head down and looks up at her again. He mumbled to her, embarrassed, “Hello Kirya.” She climbed out of the tree and just to stand in front of him. Her stomach shows from the hole in her dress. That was the spot where the demon smashed is fist into her. Her face was dirty from their journey and from fighting. Her hands were bloody from tending to Dante’s wounds. He didn’t know this, but she tended to them as he slept. Kirya noticed that he was concerned about her. Then she looks at him. A dirty face, blood stained clothes, bloody sword and hands. She walks closer to him and wraps her arms around him, hugging him tightly. Dante, not knowing much on love, just stands there. She can tell that he is confused. “Dante, you have no need to be confused.” She lets him go. He blushes twenty different shades of red. “Don’t be embarrassed. It’s okay. I won’t tell anyone.” He couldn’t take this feeling he had any longer. He grabbed her shoulders and kissed her lips softly. She blinked her eyes slowly. He stopped. He let her go and began to walk away shyly. She began to go after him but something pulled her back. Three demons surrounded her. They grabbed her and took her into a dark vortex. She screamed after him. “Dante, please help me!!!!!!” he turned quickly to see her pushed into the opening. He dropped to his knees. Angry, he yelled out to the woods “Kirya, I’ll rescue you, don’t give up on me. I swear on my life if they hurt you, I’ll kill them myself. Without your light power to help.” He listens to her screams. Each one led him closer to her location. Little did he know the many dangers she was in. they had branded her with a curse, beaten her, stabbed her. Her body was covered in blood, bruises, and cuts. “I have to run away.” She told herself one night. She made an opening full of invisible light. She made her way to a hidden lake. Then she began to carve a flute out of some wood and a knife she had formed from leaves and magic. When she completed the flute, she played a tune only Dante could hear. This tune, told him where she was at. When she knew that’s what all she could tell him, she dropped the flute and lay on her side. “Dante, please hurry. It’s not my body that is severely wounded, it’s my soul.” It took him a day to find her. She was asleep when he found her. In his mind he told himself “Thank God she’s okay.” Or so he thought. He noticed that her soul was different. He kneeled down beside her and placed his hand on her forehead. She had a small fever. Her eyes began to open. He could see the hurt in her eyes. He couldn’t help it. He pulled her up and kissed her lips. She put one hand on his face. He stopped. He finally knew what love was. It was the feeling of butterflies he got when he came around her. It was they look in her eyes when she saw him. It was the guilt he felt when he couldn’t protect her. It was the passion in each kiss. Again he couldn’t help it. He kissed her lips again. This time she had both hands on his face as he had both of his hands on hers. Her wounds suddenly disappeared. Her soul was healed. He let go of her and picked her up in his strong arms. She let his face go as well. She ended the kiss. Then he mumbled to her “your body is cold but yet your lips are warm and filled with laughter and love.” She giggled quietly. “Yeah? I guess it’s just the way I am right now.” He could feel her shiver. He sat her down so he could take off his coat. He put it over her shoulders and picked her back up. Telepathically, he took them back to the village where they lived. Dante took Kirya to her apartment. They bid their good-byes for the day and scheduled a date for tomorrow. Those weeks will be something they will never forget. Hate, love, and worry filled their emotions all through the weeks they were in that forest. But that mixture of emotions is what brought them together.

    Well I guess you say that this is ‘The End.’
    For now…………………………………