• One day Sara's mom got her up and her,
    mom said," Sara get up it is the first day of school."
    So Sara got up and got dressed for school.
    She ate breakfast, grabed her backpack and went to the bus stop.
    When the bus got there she did not know were to sit but a kid told her that she could sit there so she sat there with him and he told Sara his name was Shawn.
    They became best friends.
    It turned out that they both had all the same classes togeather they even road the same bus togeather.
    So they were always' going to see each other until Shawn got off at his stop.
    Then they ended up becoming boyfriend & girlfriend, they started to always' hang out togeather at school they even stuided togeather at Sara's house, as long as they stuided in Sara's room.
    When they were done Shawn would roller blade home.
    Then one day Sara woke up that for school and found out that a blizzered had snowed them inside there house Sara, and Shawn talked on the phone and computer they found a way to go ice skating.
    They may have been excited that it snowed but they were also sad because they would not be able to study.
    Then came spring and the snow melted away.
    They went back to school.
    She asked one of her friends' were Shawn was they said that
    he had got hit by a car while roller blading home, but they told her that he would be okey by next week.
    so after school she went home and told her mom that she was going some where and her mom says ok.