• She strides down the hallway with an attitude, causing major upsets throughout her way. Her face is set in a stern, yet pretty way, as if the world around her does not deserve to observe her emotions. Guys back away from her, their jaws hanging open with their panting tongues. This girl is special, everyone around her senses it. Her long blond hair stretches down just past her shoulders, gleaming and glittering in the dim, cheap lighting of the hall. Her face is oval and tan, and her skin is so smooth the girl almost appears to be a porcelain doll. No one knows where her destination is, no one seems to know anything about her at all. Then the girl stops walking. Everyone looks in her direction, not wanting to move any closer and so reveal their own shortcomings in the sight of one so perfect, but very much wishing that they could know what she was thinking, and what she was doing walking down their hallway.

    The girl turns around and faces a guy that no one had paid heed to previously. The guy is tall, thin, and very pale, his skin standing as a stark contrast to his jet black hair. The guy steps forward, and everyone watching the scene stops breathing, not wanting to miss a second of what will happen next. The guy is a student at the school- as a rule he keeps to himself, dedicating himself to his school work. He is number one is his class, and has a well standing reputation, that has not won him wide spread popularity, but has gained him respect and a place on the schools Student Council. Yet this boy has never been anything of a lady's man, in fact no one watching this current scene can even recall one instance of him showing interest in any girl. So why was he now approaching this girl- a beautiful stranger that even the popular, handsome boys of the school are scared to approach?

    The boy walks up to the girl, stopping only about one foot in front of her. The girl watches, her face passive and her body unmoving. Then suddenly the guy reaches forward and hugs the girl. Everyone watching lets out a breath in amazement, what could have compelled him to act so impulsively? The boy quickly breaks the hug, and starts to walk away, suddenly ashamed and embarrassed at his action. But the girl reaches out her hand and grabs his arm, stopping his escape. Several of the people watching fall over in shock. What was she doing? Why was she not slapping him from being so stupid and then continuing on her way?

    The boy freezes, scared to break free of her grasp, but too afraid to turn back and look at the girl. The girl stretches out her other hand, and pulls his shoulder until he is looking at her. Slowly the boy raises up his eyes to look at the girls face, and is startled to find the girl's eyes glistening with tears. "Thank you," the girl says, in a voice that sounds so musical it echos in the minds of those watching the scene for hours to come. The girl then turns and heads back down the hallway, walking much quicker and with no attitude as she now leaves the hallway which she had entered only a few minutes earlier.

    With the girl now out of the hallway the boy who had hugged her quickly made his retreat, leaving all the people who had been watching unsure of what the scene they had just witnessed meant. Slowly the crowd scattered, leaving the hallways empty, with no evidence of what had happened on it, only hours before. When a boy had chosen to show love to a hurting girl, who no one else had noticed needed a hug.