• Tsubasa style TV Repair

    The other day, I called a TV repairman. My TV blew a fuse. A strange blond haired man with a phony jet-black mustache came, a white bunny-like thing was with him, and it had the very same jet-black mustache. Here’s what happened next:

    *Knock knock
    (Me): “Yes?”

    (Phony repair guy): “You called?”

    (Me): “Yes, my TV blew a fuse.”

    (Repair bunny): “We’ll get to it right away!!!” 4laugh
    They started messing around with the TV,

    (Me): “Do you know what you’re doing?”

    (Repair guy): “Yup! We—OW!!” The blond haired man then shocked him self.


    (Repair man): “That should do it!”

    I was nervous to turn it on, thinking that the TV would explode, making it fall on my head. stare

    (Me): “Are you sure?” I was hesitant, but turned it on anyways. It seemed to work fine, but when I put it on the news, Fai and Syaoran were the anchormen.

    (TV; Fai): “Now to Mokona, with the weather!”

    (TV; Mokona): “Is this thing on? Hello? Helloooo?” *Tap tap.

    On the TV Syaoran sweat dropped sweatdrop , I did the same.

    (TV; Syaoran): “Umm, and that was Mokona, with the weather. Now here’s Kurogane and-“

    I turned the channel to what was supposed to be the “Ohpra Whinfery” show, instead, it was the “Fai D. Fluorite” Show!!

    (TV; Fai): “And what did you do when he came home late?”

    I ignored the TV, “Mr. ‘Repair man’? What did you do to my TV?” stare

    (Repair guy): “I’m not a repair guy, I’m Fai!!!!” mrgreen

    (Repair bunny): “And I’m not a repair bunny, I’m Mokona!!”

    scream I was speechless. Then Fai called out: “OKAY!! YOU CAN COME IN NOW!!!!” just then, the rest of the ‘Tsubasa’ cast came out. They all said: “YOU’VE BEEN PUNCKED!!!!” I kicked them all out, kept Mokona, Syaoran’s goggles and cloak, Fai’s jacket and staff, Kurogane’s facemask, and both the swords. (Sakura had nothing of interest.)

    lol THE END