• Walking at night on the moonlit cobble stone street
    the winter air is blowing and the freezing kiss brushes my cheek.
    "A quiet night as always." I whisper for fear of disturbing the quiet
    "I must return to my bedding or die the silent death".
    Through main street I go and greet each shop in passing
    "Good evening Mr. Blacksmith, hello Mrs. Bakery, Mr. Tailor, Ms. Pub, Lady Jeweler, Sir Armory why how wonderful to see you all in Madam Moonlight's glow."
    And with an awkward bow to town hall my words poor out "And an immense pleasure to see you your majesty."
    "The pleasure is all mine" it answers back
    startled and in a panic I look up in the direction the voice has been heard .

    There in the shadows is were he waits the man with the mask clad in black.
    I can not see his face...but I know I want to see it....and I don't want to.
    He calls to me I can't resist, I don't want to resist,
    as he raps his arms around me.
    "I've watched you" he whispers in my ear "You've known this time had to come sooner or later."
    He kisses my forehead, my eyelids, my cheeks, and a long harsh, cold, wonderful kiss upon my mouth.
    Inch by inch he moves his way to my neck...
    I feel no pain but I do feel the blood seep out.
    He lays me on the ground and everything goes black.
    The silent death.....