• Alexi was a man in his mid-20's and had a secret, when he was just a boy a man entered his house, this man had an ominous glow to him. His mother told Alexi to go to his room. Soon later he heard a scream from the kitchen so he grabbed his dead father’s hunting knife and went to the kitchen; he saw his mother’s body on the floor tears stung his eyes as he saw something in the corner of his eye a sharp sting to his arm and then blackness.
    He awoke outside his burning cottage being held down by unusually Heavy arms and signs of him being dragged out of his house then he blacked out again. When he woke he was in a room when the man entered it and gave him a drink, Alexi threw it at him square in-between his eyes and the burning liquid must have felt like razors slicing his face apart. When he cleaned the stuff off Alexi asked where he was and the man replied, somewhere. Alexi struggled to get out of the chains that held him to a chair. The man was wearing a mask he that he got from cutting a bears face off and sewing it to his head, the jaw piece was sewed on to move when his jaw moved, the eyes were still there but the pupils had been cut out to see.
    The man said his name was Natas and he had to kill his mother because she had a secret that threatened his life and that Alexi might have it too but he wasn’t sure so he was going to examine him. Alexi somehow trusted Natas. When he came back Natas reached for his 38. Special and aimed at Alexi, But then they heard a howl and he put the gun down and ran to lock the doors and board the windows. Scratching sounds came at the boards and a blunt weapon being slung at the door eventually the door caved in. A dark figure came in the shadows and Natas looked as if he had seen a ghost the figure came up and took a lung at him and pushed his arm straight through Natas, He fell to the ground silently. The figure came up and Alexi recognized it almost instantly it was a werewolf, fear struck through Alexi as the thing struck the chains with the hammer and they snapped immediately. The werewolf’s eyes were weird they had a blood-red inside but a black rim.
    Several years later that night still haunted him he wondered why the thing didn’t attack him. The plane he was on was going towards Finland where he was going to live with his friend Kage. He had been friends with Kage since after the event; he was put inside a foster home until he turned 18 that have when Kage and he were split up Kage’s foster parents had enough money to pay for the ticket so he stayed behind to earn enough money for it.
    Alexi saw this boy that had very scary look in his eye the boy winked at him, But Alexi just put his headphones back in and blasted some Forget to Remember. When the plane landed he saw Cage was waiting for him at the airport. He gave Alexi a huge hug to welcome him. That night he had a nightmare about that night and what he could have done to stop it. He woke up in a pool of cold sweat and tears in his eyes. Kage knew about the werewolf thing but never really talked about it until Alexi brought it up he asked him why the werewolf didn’t kill him, then the idea struck him he grabbed his Fathers hunting knife and sprinted out the door.
    There was an abandoned church nearby that he had noticed, it had peculiar wolves on the pillars. When he got there it had been chained shut but he jumped on a nearby ledge and jumped through an opened window. He started to have strange illusions of strange black blotches moving from corner to corner one came up but went through him he shuddered. Then he noticed something there were old parchments on the ground he went to pick them up when he heard a car stop outside. He went to hide behind a pillar when an old man walked in with a younger one and said something about a were-pyre and a lab. When they left he picked up the parchments, they had very good drawings of wolves and a mythical creature known as a succubus.
    Then he heard the sound of claws scraping on marble and looked up, then one of the blotches turned into a person with pale skin and amazing agility, she was jumping down the stairs when she screeched and wings shot out of her back, she flew towards him then blank. He woke up in front of the church with scratches and his clothes were ripped apart, he had a screaming head-ache. So he got up and headed back home not noticing a large piece of stone sticking out of his skull. When he got back Kage just stared and said “awesome”. He awoke in a hospital bed and a horrible feeling in his head.