• October 5th, 2202
    MESSAGE START> its day one in the search for ETs, (extra terrestrials). many reports of strange lights and occurances are being reported each day, im new here, and i dont really now if these are genuine reports.<END MESSAGE

    November 10th, 2202
    MESSAGE START> its been weeks, and so far no genuine sightings, only crazies looking to get attention i will report in when a genuine report is filed

    December 25th, 2202
    MESSAGE START> it was rushed in late last night, after a civilian reported a aircraft crash in her back yard, all but one of the specimens were dead, this one seems to have induced some kind of coma prior to the crash, or at least that is how it appears. it is unlike the stereotypical aliens people all visualize green skin, black eyes, you know.
    this one is very different.
    it is vaguely reminiscent of a wolf standing on its hind legs, almost three meters tall, with its forelegs in the position of arms, coming to a single thick fingered hand with two opposable thumbs on ether side.
    instead of fur like a wolf, this specimen is covered in lustrous metallic black scales. it has small horns forming a "V"shape on its head that goes up two its two nubs that i assume are ears. its eyes are yellow and slitted, much like a cats, and its black tounge is covered in small barbs.
    it had some kind of armor on that was impervious to all our cutting tools, for it is made of some mineral that is ten times harder than diamond, so we spent almost ten hours figuring out how to remove it piece by piece.
    we will do vivisection if we cannot awaken it from its self induced coma, there is much we can learn from this creature.

    December 26th 2202
    >it has awakened, i will record its responses for future reference.
    where are you from?
    >whisper> i will try using hand signs
    me friend, i-will-not-hurt-you
    >low growl<
    i think i got a response
    uh oh its standing up- its touching my head.
    >you will be food. nothing more<