• Chapter 1:
    I stood in the mirror, looking at my sweating face. I picked up my towel for the third time and wiped my face. I practiced "Date Etiquette". "Hello, how are you?". "I'm fine, thank you." "Would you like some popcorn for the movie?" I turned around to see my older brother chuckling at my nervousness. "You know, little bro, I wasnt half as geeky as you are," he said, referring to my stuttering. I sighed. He stopped grinning and came over to my dresser. "Hey, what is that scent your wearing? English Leather?" I nodded. He came over and wiped me from head to toe with the towel. "You dumb butt! You need stimulant smells like Axe! Duh!" "Ohhh... sweatdrop .

    To be Continued