• Chapter Four

    Luke woke up the next morning and looked at the clock. 11:00 o' clock in the morning. He had to pick Amy up and take her out. He jumped up from his bed and walked to his bathroom. He took of his shirt and got in the shower. He washed his body and hair before he got out eighteen minuets later. He put on a tight blue shirt and blue jeans before he went to his door and walked out.

    Knock knock. Amy heard someone knock on her door. She got up from her couch and walked to the door and opened it slowly. Luke stood before her and even thow she was mad at him she thought he looked great. Luke looked at her head to tow. She wore a short skirt and a blue top. She looked up. "So where are we going today" she asked as she walked d outside her dorm.
    "A cafe out at the edge of town" said Luke as he started to walk. Amy followed not saying a word. They reached his car in the parking lot and got in. Amy looked at Luke as he started his car. They drove off not speaking a word to each other. Luke and Amy drove through town looking at all the small buildings and shops. Luke stopped at a small cafe and he got out. Luke opened Amy's door as she got out. They walked in the cafe and looked at a small table in the back. They walked to it and sat down. They ordered a coffee and started to talk.
    "So what was that last night" said Amy as she bent over and looked at him.
    "We......my friends and I are different from other people" said Luke as he sat back and put his hands in his pocket.
    "No s**t captain truth" said Amy as she looked at him with a mad face "Why are you different".
    "Were-". The waiter came up before Luke could speak and gave them there coffee.
    "Were what" said Amy as she took a sip of her coffee.
    "Vampires" said Luke. Amy spit her on the table and looked at him.
    "What......ha hahaha...yeah right" said Amy. She looked up at Luke and saw his face. It was locked and his jaw was tight.
    "Your telling the truth" said Amy as she looked at him.