• Ai Ichihara--13 years old, long silky blue hair, a slim body and bright blue eyes. She is shy and childish but kind towards people. Her family--Ichihara Family lives together in a big house connected by three bungalows. The four bungalows holds 21 people.. Two senior citizen bearing five child one daughter and four sons. Which the daughter married to another family and moved out. The four sons married accordingly and beared altogether eleven child. Six sons and five daughters. They lived harmoniously together and never argued.

    Lately, strange things happened. Ai, the youngest daughter seems to be taking longer baths than usual. And always seems to be laughing with joy. The family thought it is strange, because Ai usually takes short baths to prevent wasting water. They felt they need do something. And so, they made a small peeking hole through the door. While Ai was bathing, her mother peeped through. Nothing happened. So, they forget about it. A week later, Ai was so weak that she could not get up from her bed. But gradually, she recovered. Some time after that, she got weak again. So the family thought it might have some connection with her bath. So, when Ai was bathing, they peeped. Nothing again. A few minutes later, Ai laughed. They went to peep, and saw something very strange. A fire dolphin made out of fire playing a ball made out of fire. The dolphin keep doing moves that is funny. The family figured it out. And decide to tell her something the next day.

    During the family meeting, everybody looked serious. Ai was curious and asked, "Why are you all serious? Mom, have i did something wrong?". Her mother looked at her and asked her in return, "My dear daughter Ai, did you see a dolphin when you are bathing?" Ai was curious. But then smiled and said. "Yup! Its very cute! It appeared when I am bathing, and did those funny tricks!" She laughed again with a sweet tone of her voice. "Hmm, we would like to see it! Ai my daughter, can you do it and let us see?"her mother asked. "Okay! Sure!" Ai went to the bathroom. And called out, "Dolphin-chan! Where are you? Come out! My family wants to see you!" Shortly after that, about five dolphins appeared. They did those funny tricks. After five minutes, the dolphin vanished. After that, Ai collapsed with great exhaustion.

    "You're a loser! You don't even know how to wear makeup!" A girl insulted her, "Look, makeup are the most important thing in a girl's life. Get it? You don't even scrub lotions and stuff? Phew, how smelly!" The girl then went away. Ai cried. "Ai! Ai! Wake up!" She heard a voice filled with warmth. She felt this way before, her mother that gives her the feeling. She wakes up. And saw her mother by her side. "You made me worried! Thank Goodness." Her mom kissed her on her forehead. "Get some rest while I prepare something for you." Her mother went away. Tess came in. Her elder sister who is currently 23 years old. "So how are you?" Tess asked. Ai smiled and replied, "Great!" Tess looked worried. "Be honest, you do not have any friends at school right?" Tess asked. Ai looked curious. "Why's that?" Tess sigh, and took a deep breath. "You...are going to the Rozen Academy." Ai got even more curious, "What’s that? A school? Never heard of it...." Tess pat Ai's head. "That means you'll never see us until you graduated from university." After saying that, Tess left to avoid questions. Ai was confused. She can't get a hold of herself. She started calling out, "Why?! Why?! What have I done wrong?!?!" She kept shouting and shouting, her bed is on fire. A fire made by her. One of her brother called her a monster. And make things even worse...Nothing could reach her including her mother's love. The family doctor came and inject her with some sleeping pills. The fire vanished and that's the time she can ever see her family again.

    "Ugh...what...is going on..." Ai woke up. She saw a white ceiling above her. It looks like a hospital, but it isn't. Its a High-Class Dorm Room. She went out of the room. There is nothing, just a normal hallway. She turned back to see the room's window. It is like around morning. She walked out and saw a lounge, filled with sofas and vending machines. "A dorm...?" She walked downstairs. There is no one. And so, she exited the building. But then, she felt that she need to look in to the building more, so she head back. She sat on the sofa, trying to remember anything that happened to her. But then, her memories were pitch black. She forgot all her memories. She looked around. It is very tidy and modern. There is a few sets of computers and television. "Where is this place...?" She thought. "I tell you, that guy was like, super cute!" A female voice spoke. "Really? Aww...too bad he's taken..." another said. They came from the upper floor walking down. She stared at them, the two girls kept on talking and talking and exited the building. She felt very curious. Just as she was about to move, she heard a voice. "My, my, you already gotten up, i see." A woman around her 30's said. The woman smiled and led her hand. "Nice to meet you, I'm your dorm leader, Mizuno Kimo. And you must be Ai Ichihara. Correct?" The dorm leader stopped and waited for a reply from Ai. "Y-yes..." Ai replied. She could only remember her name and birth date. "Well...it must be tough, follow me." The dorm leader then walked upstairs. Ai followed, very carefully. The dorm leader stopped outside the room she woke up before. "Rest here, I will contact you and give you a tour around the academy later." She said. Ai asked the dorm leader, "Academy? What academy?" The dorm leader paused. She stared at Ai. She sigh, and pat her shoulders. "This is Rozen Academy, your new home. So, get used to it okay?" The dorm leader then left. Ai went in the room and went to sleep. Even she walked a bit, she felt as if she walked six kilometers.

    2pm--The dorm leader woke her up with a wheelchair. "Hey, wake up dear. You do not want to miss the excitement, do you?" She asked Ai. Ai, who is too tired, refused. She can't even get up. "I...I can't get up...I'm very tired." She complained. "Oh, come on dear, we got to go. You can sit on the wheelchair...or do you want it tomorrow?" The dorm leader asked. "T-tomorrow..." Ai replied weakly. "Well, okay. I will leave you be." The dorm leader leave with great disappointment. Ai feel bad for her, but she couldn't help it. She was too tired. Around dinner time--"Hey, sleepy head. Get up, time for dinner!" The dorm leader woke her up again. Ai is more energetic this time, but also kind of tired. "Y-yes...? I think I could walk now..." Ai rubbed her eyes. "Okay, good. Because it is dinner time. You can walk...right?" The dorm leader asked. "Yeah. Thanks. I mean, for everything..." Ai replied while standing up but then fall back down again. "Hmm...there's no need. Wait here, I'll bring you something." The dorm leader left the room. Ai wasn't really that tired. So, she tried to remember anything that happen. But nothing. About ten minutes later, a lady came in and brought a tray of food. It is filled with one bowl of soup and some mashed potato. "Here you go, dear...enjoy it..." The lady said with a kind smile and left again. Ai looked at the food. She took the spoon and taste the soup. And next the potato. "It is...nice..." She said and enjoyed it. After the dinner, she felt sleepy. So she went back to sleep, without saying anything.

    Ai slept for a week. Because of that she's treated like the hospital's ICU. Some students came in the room and watched her. But they did nothing to wake her up. At long last, she finally woke up and feel like her normal self. The dorm leader came in and told her to go to the office. So she got dressed in the school uniform-a blue sailor uniform and a mini skirt and followed the dorm leader. "Here it is, go in." The dorm leader showed her the way and Ai saw a young man with glasses around 15 years old waiting for her. "You must be Ai Ichihara. Welcome to Rozen Academy." The young man greeted.” I am Rozen Academy's Head Perfect. Hmm...let's talk about YOU right now...shall we?" He started. "First of all, you possessed one special ability." The young man said. Ai was surprised. "B-but that’s impossible!" Ai gone mad. Not mad like, hard to believe what the young man said. "Well, you don't believed it right? Here, I'll show you." The young man showed his hand with long fingers. A few moments later, black fire appeared on his hands. Ai covered her mouth with full of surprise. She believe it now, but not completely. "Still no?" He took out a paper. And fire it. The paper burned. But she still not believe it. So the young man gave up. "Well, anyways, you are just like me. Not completely, but your ability is fire manipulation. Which means you can create fires. Since you do not know how to control, I'll give you this pretty ring as a welcome gift." Its a ring with a small orb blue in colour. Its shiny and Ai liked it a lot. Ai received the gift and speak to him. "Is this some kind of a device...something like that?" Ai asked. The young man took it from her and replied. "Yes, indeed." He took out her hand and put it on her right hand's fourth finger. "You can start school tomorrow, by the way." The young man said to her. "Any questions?" Ai was quiet. And then spoke. "Why...I can't remember a thing?" She asked. The young man was quiet. "Well, let's just say that...you said...you do not want your family." He lied to her. "Oh...then I must really hate my family then..." Ai said. Feeling quite a relieve. The young man felt sorry for her. "Okay, go have a tour." The young man pressed a button while the dorm leader came in. And took her away. "Sorry...Ai-chan..."

    "Okay, this is the educational building for Junior High, you will be coming here tomorrow at 9AM. Your class is 1B And beside it is the..." The dorm leader took her to the big academy. There's so much in that academy. For example, the forest, like any other forest, there's a stream and a waterfall. Dangerous too, because they encounter mad and wild monkeys, thanks to the dorm leader's ability--Animal Manipulation she is able to shoo them away. Ai was so shocked that she got stunned. Next stop, the cybercafe. Not many students here. Although some here are just for projects and some for online games. Next is the Rozlen Town. Its a town like area but all are shops. Some of the students lived there. But the rental fees are high. For Ai, the dorm is more than enough. They continued to the library and all sorts of places. Until 3.30PM, they stopped by and have a break. It is really exhausting, but fun. The next stop is the funfair, only open in weekends and holidays. What a drag, for Ai. Meanwhile walking by the toyshop, Ai saw something she really like--a little bear with soft and smooth fur. She hugged it a lot. The dorm leader saw this and bought this for her. "Oh yeah, which reminds me. Here is this academy, we use gils. Sort of like a currency here. Its 100yen for 10gils." She explained. "Wow, thanks for buying it for me." She thanked her. The dorm leader smiled to her and said, "Think it as a welcome gift." a while later they head to the bank. "This is your bank account, i set it up for you." The dorm leader pointed to the screen. "And your family left a big amount of gils..."The dorm leader said to Ai. "Well, I know you still hate your family but...well, who cares. But sometimes I thought, just why because of that brain wash you..." Ai got confused. "Never mind that, who is my family I don't know. Oh yes, we can stay here for our eternity lives right?" Ai asked. "I think. Never tried before." They walked back to the dorm. As soon as Ai washed up, she fell in to the bed and slept.