• Chapter one

    North wood University is one of the most regarded school in the world. Only a few hundreds make in in each year. It is in the town of North Wood which is always cloudy and the sun never comes out. Which makes it the perfect place for........Vampires.

    A new school year had started at North Wood University and hundreds of new students were starting the year. One of the few who made it in was Amy. She was a smart girl who passed the SAT's with flying colors. She was moving into her dorm room her SUV parked out front. Amy walked to her SUV and pulled out another box and took it to her room. She went to get her last thing, a huge suitcase full of her clothes. She reached for it but it was on top of her car. She grabbed it but it slid off and started to fall on her. Amy closed her eyes waiting for the bag to hit but it never came. Amy opened her eyes after a second to see a man holding the suitcase with one hand. He had caught it and sat it down on the sidewalk. He grabbed Amy's hand and picked her up. His hand was cold like ice and his skin was hard like stone. She got up and looked at the boy who had helped her.
    "Ummm thanks" said Amy as she blushed and looked at him.
    "No problem" said the boy. "I'm Luke" he said.
    "Oh hey.....im Amy" she said as she held out her hand. Luke grabbed it and shook her hand. His cold hand sent a chill down her spine.
    "Need help" Luke asked pointing at the suitcase the brought them together.
    "Do you mind" Amy asked looking in his eyes. They were crimson red with a little gold on the side.
    "Not at all" he said as he picked up the suitcase in one hand and started to walk to her dorm room. After walking the stairs they reached her room. He threw the bag on the floor and looked at her. Amy smiled and looked at the ground before she looked up at him. He was gone like a flash and he was by the door. She wondered how he got there so fast.
    "Well I live on the 13th floor" Luke said looking at Amy.
    "Cool well if i need anything i know who to call" she said as she walked to teh door and stood in front of him.
    "Ok well i need to be going" he said as he started to walk away. Amy shut her door and walked to her bed and sat down. It was about four o' clock when she looked at her watch. She layed down and looked at the wall of her dorm room. She was thinking of the new school year and her classes but what she thought about the most was Luke and how strange he seemed.

    The next day was Monday the first day of Amy's classes. She was walking back from her History class when she heard a heavenly sound coming from a room. Amy peeked in to see Luke playing the guitar in the Music class. She looked away and stood there for a second listing to him. After a second the music stopped. Amy looked in to see that Luke was gone. She turned around to see Luke close in front of her. "What are you doing" he asked in a stern voice with his jaw locked.
    "Oh just walking by" said Amy looking at the ground.
    "Well.....shows over" said Luke as he put the guitar over his back and started to walk away. He stopped and looked back at Amy. He smiled and he kept walking down the long school hall way.

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