• What if you went trick-or-treating and while you went up to a door getting ready to say,"trick-or-treat?" and you saw people you knew being chased by some killer. What would you do? Be like Batman and save the day or swing off on a web like Spiderman?
    No that only happens in fairy tales. But, you wanna help them.
    So, then you see the killer coming, maybe stalking you? So, you knock on the door very loudly and all you could help but saying is "Help let me in help, help." She opens the door you two choices re you run in or risk your life. I would run in like a scardy baby, i don't wanna really die.
    Then, you run in. She turns and yells at you. You tell her to close the door and lock it but....
    she doesn't listen. So the guy comes up saying, "trick-or-treat," in a low pitched voice. He stabs her. The blood on the knife is dripping all over the ground. You shout the door on his face. Upstairs you hear a window break. You run out he's still on the porch. He grabs you. You break free. You run home. Your parents and your brothers aren't back from trick-or-treating yet.
    You hear the door bell ring.
    You open the door not knowing who's there but, it's you parents. You tell them to call "911", someone has been killed. They don't believe you. The killer comes on the porch, ding-dong.
    Hello? It's the killer why would he ring the door bell? Maybe it's not him. It's not.
    You wake up, so it was a dream.

    the end heart