• Yumi started screaming at the top of her lungs. "Stop fighting! You have always done this! When I was younger I never had the guts, but now that I do I fel worser! I hate you both! If you don't stop fighting I am goign to run away!" Yumi cried running upstaris. She jumped and laid on her bed. Her mom looked at her dad, "Shes right. Maybe it's time." He looked at her like he was going to cry. "No honey this is my fault! I will be better! I will clean and everything! It can't end like this!" They didn't fight they knew it was all already settled.

    Yumi cried hearing their soft, but hurtful words. "It can't end like this." She repeated it over and over. She cried laying down. "No!" She hugged hre pillow. She cried. "Why does this help me sleep! I hate it! Why is it when I get hurt I think I can sleep it all away! This is a perment problem! I am running away tommorw!" She got up and packed her clothes. She packed items of her favroite stuff and ran o the kitchen. Her parents were busy in thier converstaion not to notice her. She threw chips and other snacks in the pack too. She ran back into her room. "Tommorow." She fell asleep. She dreamed of her on a bumpy ride screaming "Let me go! Let me go!"

    Yumi woke up in shock. She felt her whole body sloped over something being carried. She looked back seeing a dark figure of a back. She thought it was a dream. She looked seeing the man carrying her pack. He must of grabbed it when he grabbed me. Still worrying about the strange man she tried to get into a calm voice. "Who are you?" The man never awnsered. "May I ask where we are going." The man shook his head sightly. "Please say something." "Please quiet mam." Yumi felt something fall in her. "This has to be a dream! It just has to be!" Yumi's heart jumped wildly. "Why? Why would you take me away?" "I just had to be with you. I can't leave you with her! We're divorcing soon." "I was going away today! I always start these problems! Mom needs me just as much as you Dad!"