• Once there was a small cottage and inside that cottage was a little baby. Her mother made a wish apon a star that the babies eyes would be and crystal clear and sparkling as the ocean waves, her hair as black and smooth as the finest silk in London and her lips as bright and red as cherries. Over night the mothers wish came true, and when she awoke her baby was the most beautiful in all the land. This pleased the father and mother very much. Then one fateful day the father fell tragically ill and died, leaving the baby and her mother all alone. Since the child still had no name and skin as pale as the freshly fallen snow, her mother decided to call her Snow White.

    When Snow was about 6 years old her mother, Eliza, re-married a man named Charles Pinkster and this dis-pleased snow very much. Her new step father was awfully horrid and made her do all kinds of tedious chores around the house. Her two new step-sisters were just as horrid and made her clean up after them all the time. One day Snow decided to run away, because she was convinced that if she didn’t then Charles was going to lock her away in a tower until she starved.

    So one night after everyone had gone to bed Snow dropped a rope of sheets out her window and slowly lowered her self to safe ground. Once on the ground she tossed her bag over her shoulder and ran into the dark, cold, windy night and ended up in the forest. Once she was sure that the cottage was out of sight she sat down to rest.

    All of a sudden she heard a noise from behind her and when she turned to look she saw a small house and two shadows in the window fighting. She quietly crept up to investigate when something hit her in the head with a frying pan. When she awoke she was lying on a small bed inside the small cottage and there where seven little people, if you could even call them that, standing around her. One had a mean look in his eye and was holding the frying pan that she had been hit with. Another was sneezing his head off and a third was napping on the bed next to her. The other four where all doing different things, but where all tending to her needs, which pleased her, considering she had always tended to the needs of others.

    Once the little “man” nearest her noticed that she had arisen he bowed low and said in a soft whisper “Doc at your service madam,” then bustled off to gather the others that had all strayed from the room. Snow looked around the silent room and giggled at the many pictures of the home owners on the wall, since most where of one or more of them doing something silly. She jumped at the sound of a low squeaky voice saying “hello miss,” right in her ear. She turned to look and she where it came from when all of a sudden she saw a bright, smiling face no less than an inch from her own, scared and pale face. The smiling “man” said in a low, squeaky, quick voice “hello miss, I’m Dopey and you are?”

    By know Snow had curled into a little ball on the bed and was shaking but said in a quivering voice “I’m Snow White, and I’m from the cottage down yonder but I’m never gonna go back there.*
    Dopey quickly back away from her and a smaller, red cheeked “man" walked up to the bed side and bowed low and said in a deep voice “hello madam, Bashful at your service,” then bustled off to wake the sleeping man lying in the chair next to her. He awoke and shuffled out of the room then came back in the room with a tray of food that had a little card on it. The card read: I hope you like the food, love Sleepy, only it was spelled more like this: I hop u lik te fude, luv Sleapie. Snow just laughed and thanked sleepy then went back to sleep.

    She was awoken several hours later to the sound of a crashing sound from the floor above her. She darted up the beautiful stair case and walked into the room, where she saw Doc on top of one of the 3 “men” she hadn’t been introduced to. She pulled doc off and asked the other to introduce himself. He stammered yet managed to say “I’m Sneezy,” then started crying and fell off the bed.
    Snow sat both on the bed and asked each their side of the story. Doc sat up a little straighter and said “he broke my favorite piggy bank, and now won’t apologize or fix it,” this made Sneezy angry and he cut in “I didn’t mean too, I just sneezed and fell on it, then he jumped on me.”
    Sneezy quickly ran from the room and Snow chased him down the stairs but tripped at the bottom of the stairs on her skirt and landed on her face on the hard landing. When she was on her feet she was swarmed with 6 “Men” all telling her that sneezy had gone missing.
    Snow ran off to plan how to save sneezy. She sent 3 of the dwarfs north to search for him. She sent 2 of the others East to search and she and dopey went south to find him.
    They all returned a short time later and reported that they had had no luck in finding the missing part of the family, or as dopey called it “fameile”.

    After a week or so all but Snow had given up hope on finding him and gone back to their normal lives. Snow spent her days sitting at the window watching the snow fall until one day there was a knock on the door.
    Snow ran down the stairs and found the prince of Kansas sitting on the living room couch with Sneezy cuddled in his arms, asleep. As she walked into the room the prince placed Sneezy on the couch and walked snow into the other room. When he was sure that no one could hear them the prince whispered softly in Snow’s ear “I have to leave but I want you to distract the dwarfs because they have bonded so well with me that they would hate it if I left. I promise I will come back and visit you.” He then hugged her and walked off toward the door.
    Snow grabbed his arm and said in a soft whisper “please don’t go, at least not yet. Me and the others could take care of you and when you really have to go home we could make sure you get home safe and sound.” She wrapped her arms around his waist and buried her red puffy face in his chest.He could tell she was crying and agreed to stay with them for a few days.
    A few months later the 9 of them ended up moving back to Kansas together. Snow and the prince got married, had a daughter and lived happily ever after…………..at least for now.