• Chapter One: 6 months out at sea!!

    “Steady now men keep the sails to the wind” a voice demanded, it was old and had a scratchy tone in it. It belonged to a man who stood fast at the wheel, he was the captain, with a long gray beard and many scars on his face you could tell he’d been around quite a while, to tell the truth he was in his late fifties, his clothes where tattered and worn, the ends of his long jacket had become frayed, tiny threads dangled down to his boots, his hat with the one white feather had been bleached by the sun it had once been black and now was gray like his beard and old like he was. “You there! Niece!” he called to a young girl who was standing out on the bow of the ship “what are you doing just standing there like a gull waiting for scraps, you should be helping the crew, we’re nearly to shore and you haven’t done a single thing” the girl was indeed his niece and she was very pretty, she looked to be about seventeen, she had long silver hair that went nearly past her waist, her eyes where as blue as the deepest part of the ocean. She wore nothing but a light purple mid drift shirt, yellow baggy suspenders with an orange flower imbedded in the right leg of her pants, and on her hands she wore brown fingerless gloves, on her head sat a hat similar to the one her uncle wore but with a purple feather instead of white. “Im sorry uncle” she answered “I was just thinking about home was all, I didn’t mean to disobey your orders” she told him. “You are forgiven” he said “now go and help the crew”. “Yes sir!” the girl answered quickly and ran off to help with the anchor reel when the time came. “ ah Sahara” thought the captain to him self as he watched her run off “ some times you make me wonder, you make me wonder what it would have been like if I hadn’t took you in when you parents passed away, if your twin sister hadn’t disappeared. But my brother, your father, gave his life along with your mother to protect you both that night, so I had to repay them some how, and to do so I took you in and raised you like my own, your sister on the other hand has gone to live somewhere else, but only god knows where. I was not there when they took her away.” As Sahara made her way down the ships creaky deck to the anchor reel she sang a song taught to her by the crew, she sang but a small verse of what she knew and it went something like this “as the ships set sail for the open sea, as time goes by it calls for me, the sound of longing for the open sea”. Sahara had learned the song at a very young age and had sang it ever since. She took a hard grip on the anchor reel and awaited more orders from her uncle, “well!” she said to one of the near by crew members “its been six whole months since we were last on dry land, it would feel mighty good to be off this ship wouldn’t it? The crew member who’s name was Clyde answered her a bit reluctantly “it shore would, but I rather be out at sea if it’s all the same to you”. Clyde then suddenly looked up to see the captain standing near by, “we won’t be needing the anchor” he said, “instead Clyde, why don’t you and my niece go down to the bow and throw down the ropes so that we can fasten the ship to the harbor when we pull in, the tides high enough that we won’t have to stay off shore”. Sahara and Clyde both made their way to the bow of the ship, “I can’t wait to get to town” Sahara said “and to pawn off some of the stuff we stole off those other ships”. Clyde leaned over the ships railing to grab the dangling rope so he could reel it up to throw it to the dock when the ship got close enough. “Well” he said to Sahara “it would be nice to get some money after all the work we did to get what we got”. Sahara nodded her head in agreement with Clyde’s words. “I wander if I’ll get to go home?” she thought to her self as she helped Clyde with the rope. Clyde looked back at Sahara a bit concerned, he had known Sahara since she was very small so when she began to act strangely he became concerned, he was like a big brother to her and she looked up to him. The ship moved along steadily through the water, the shore line of Becket Island became visible; “I can see the shoreline and the town!” Sahara shouted excitedly “get ready men!” the captain hollered over the waves that were crashing over the bow, “we’ll be pulling in to the harbor soon” Sahara and Clyde stood fast at the bow holding the rope awaiting to throw it to the dock below as the ship pulled nearer and nearer to the dock, “I can’t wait to be on dry land!” Sahara said happily “I can’t wait to be home!”