• Seven days at sea. Damien had been lost at sea since his Ocean Liner had hit an underwater rock, and split i half. He and a few other boats had managed to get off, but thousands of people had sunk. He and the seven people in his raft ad...a disagreement, and they all swam off. The sky was a majestic purple, orange, and pink. Vibrant colors. Damien rubbed his unshaved chin. The water was black in the late evening, and glassy looking. Damien constricted his arms around himself, in an attempt to keep warm. His fishing pole hadn't had one bite all day. Stupid fish, don't want a nice fingernail... Thought Damien. Suddenly, a fish hooked! He'd eat tonight! He pulled the fish up. It was a chocolate brown color, small, and fat. "...I'm almost tempted not t o eat this..." Damien murmured. But still, it was food. He gobbled the fish down. "Not very good," but he wasn't starving anymore, so that was all that mattered.

    A lone raft floated to shore. Several people rushed forwards to it. A man, unshaven chin, had frozen to death inside. He was all that was left.