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    The Girl, by Erathia07

    The girl never spoke to me anymore, we used to chat for hours on end, our sentiments were the same: Life, in general, “sucked.”

    The girl never made eye-contact, she seemed to never look up at anyone, and they, in turn, never did: She cringed when she met my eyes.

    The girl never fidgeted, she was completely immobile unless prompted, and few did anymore: Even then, she rarely responded.

    The girl never varied, she wore jeans and a black turtleneck that faded to gray, went home and did schoolwork: Yet I couldn’t help but feel she wanted diversity.

    The girl never saw, we would bump into each other at malls and such when her irked parents dragged her along: She saw no one.

    The girl never cried out, even after the “Incident”, the police never did find the suspect: And she wouldn’t speak more than what was required for the lawyers.

    The girl never despaired, even while she was in pain, all she ever felt was despair: It was the last thing she said to me till now.

    The girl never cut her hair, though she would never tell me why.

    The girl never smiled.

    The girl never took off her precious turtleneck.

    I now know why.

    The girl never went anywhere without her purse.

    I now know why.

    The girl never looked at or showed me the contents.

    I couldn’t understand.

    The girl never broke things.

    Though her door disagreed.

    The girl never had fits of clumsiness.

    So too, did the cold metal and warm skin agree.

    The girl never stopped washing her clothing.

    The stains, so painfully truthful, agreed.

    The girl never smiled.

    But she did now.

    She made eye-contact.

    That girl in the mirror.