• “One of the First Memories”


    “Janey? Janet?” I hear my father call from the left of me.
    No answer.
    “I just called 911. They should be here soon.” a voice calls from outside the metal frame lying in the brush on its side.
    The replaying image of grass, dirt, and glass flying around is all that’s in my head. I breathe deeply, trying to process what has happened. Tears begin to fall as the faint sound of sirens start to appear in the distance.
    I hear the mumbles of the firemen and officers as they question the man who phoned in, but nothing is comprehendible from inside. The weight is lifted from my right side, and I soon feel tugging; someone is trying to pull me out of the deathtrap.
    “Unbuckle me.” I murmur, hoping that would relieve some of the pain.
    “You are. Please, just relax, and you‘ll be out soon.” the fireman says, trying to soothe me. Something is wrong, I can feel it. But what?
    Next thing I know, I am being lifted into a Halo Flight. I take a look to wreckage, I see metal, and glass…and some blood. My brother is lying about seven feet from the furthest edge of the green suburban, not moving. My thoughts go to the family friends still in the car, waiting to be rescued.

    Chapter One.

    I awoke in the blank room of the hospital. The nurse standing by my right side, taking notes from the readings on the machines. She looks at me, smiles a sympathetic smile, then walks off, closing the door behind her. I look around, and see white walls, a single chair, and flowers in a vase on the table a few feet from my left side. I look down, to the foot of the uncomfortable bed, and see a giant white bear, staring at me. I try to kick it over with my right foot, but it hurts to move. I blink, and it stings. My eyes begin to water as people walk into the room.
    My father, with a cast on his left arm, my two aunts, and the man who helped us. All but the man has old tears in his eyes. They all give feigned smiles as the walk closer, forming around the bed. My father at the foot, with an aunt on either side of me. The man has taken place in between my Aunt Karen and my father.
    “Seeps,” he begins, my aunts looking at him, the man looking down. “Your mother has passed on.” he looked into my eyes, expressionless. I look to my aunts, bigger tears forming, as I feel my own pouring from my eyes.
    “I think we should join hands and pray.” my father says, not looking up. We joined hands, and stayed in silence until my dad started to speak unsteady words. I didn’t want to listen, for the fear of more tears coming overtook me. I diverted my eyes from anyone, by looking out the window, watching the clouds pass.
    The doctor walked in, and the man left with a nod. My aunts and father stayed to listen to what the doctor needed to say. Seeing the tears, I think he got the hint not to mention my mother.
    “Minimal damage, as you can se form the x-rays,” he says, pointing to the light board. “No broken bones, not even fractured ones. You might have a few small scars, but nothing major. We removed most of the glass and debris from your eyes and cuts, but we can’t guarantee we got everything out.” he turned to my father, grave-faced as he returned the doctor’s look. “Does anyone have any questions?” No one said anything. “If you do, you know where to find me, or you can ask any of the nurses.” As he walked out the door, I turned my eyes to my feet, looking at the pattern on the blanket.
    “So,” all eyes turned to me, curious. I choked back my tears. “What exactly happened?” I asked hesitantly. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to know or not. Tears would stream, i knew that, but i also knew i had to find out what happened.