• Long time ago, a boy was born. The night when he was born was dark, darker than usually, and it was very stormy. When a big lightning hit the nearby mountain, splitting it into half, first time in many long years, newly-borns cry echoed from the walls of the great mansion. The newly-born and his mother were the only persons in the huge, dimly lighted mansion, which had belonged to the mothers family for a long, long time. Son and the mother were the last ones of this great, before so powerful family. It was said that the family had been cursed because of the greed that their ancestors had showed, and one day a boy who will show great unselfishness and generosity will be born, and he will be the one to break the curse. The mother took her crying new born baby boy in her arms with her last strenght and whispered: "Please, be the boy of the destiny... Suerte..."

    20 years has passed since a group of men followed a phantom to the big living room of huge mansion, finding crying baby boy laying in the arms of his dead mother. The ghost of the mother told men that she wished one of them to take her son and raise him like if he was his own. A young ranger, Triste, who had joined the group earlier that day was the only one who had the courage to take the boy and raise him. During the last 20 years he taught Suerte the secrets of a ranger and everything needed to survive in world alone. Suerte had grown into an honest, pure hearted and generous young man under the protective wings of Triste. You could basically see his inner goodness, that set a golden aura all around him. It was sure that this was the boy that would break the curse, but he will have to face and defeat his inner Nemesis, the curse to make it break. The jorney won't be easy, and he will have to go through many difficulties and pain to be able to do that.

    Sun is high upon a two part mountain. Young man is walking by the edge of the mountain, while his father is walking behind him. Triste looks at him with a proud smile on his face. Suerte's hair looks like it was the finest gold, wisdom shines from his blue eyes and the beautiness that is in him could make any woman fall in love. Even though sun is shining, birds singing in the woods and the summer day as beautiful as it could be, Triste feels coldness and fear in himself. Exactly 20 years ago Triste had with the men group found this boy crying in the arms of beautiful, dead, about 15 years old mother. Triste had promised himself that day, that exactly 20 years after that, he would tell Suerte the truth about his mother. They arrive at the ruins of an old mansion. The lightning had set it on fire and destroyed it a year before, after it had stood decades, defying the wilderness of the forest around it. Triste strodes to the exact place where the living room used to be. Suerte follows his father with much lighter mind and steps. Suerte and Triste stare at each others eyes for awhile. Then Triste starts talking: "Exactly 20 years ago a group of men, involving me, were lead here by a phantom of a young woman. Here we found baby boy lying in the arms of her dead body. She told that one of us should take her son and raise her. Other men were too afraid to take you, so I raised you as my own son, but I felt like you deserved the truth. I hope you can forgive me for not telling you earlier, and I also hope that you understand why I didn't tell you". Silence that feels like eternity to Triste follows his speech. "Father..." Suerte says quietly "It doesn't matter who was the one who gave birth to me or who made her pregnant, you were the one to raise me and love me as your son, and that makes you my true father". Triste feels like huge weight has been lifted of his heart and joy fills him. He hugs his son and whispers "My son...". Somewhere high above them an eagle flys towards the setting sun.