• Atlantica a forgoten city said to be underwater. To be true Atlantica is on land some were in the ocean. I am here to tell my story. I live here in Atlantica, and we have all the food we want, we have peace, we also have a good civilization. But even in a perfect place their is alway's good an evil. So this is my story...

    I am a 12 year old altantian, living alone. My parent's were killed by the ancient clan called The Great One's. Ill tell you one thing their's nothing great about them. I have been alone for a year and now I want to help fight them. I joined a clan called The Shadow Wolves and now it is my turn to go into battle. The shadow wolves are a ancient clan that fight's for good. You must have the purest of heart's to join. The put you to 3 test. One, you must tell them your story and why you want to fight. Two, you must kill one enemy troup. Three, you must take the highest outh in The Shadow Wolves clan. Here I swear I will fight for justice and kill for only good. You must not kill without reason, you can only attack if attacked, or if told to do so by the leader. After the outh you have a feast, and meet the entire clan. Now I am in the clan and ready to fight for all that is good. So know you know my story so what is yours?

    Your soldier



    Journal entry 1

    I walk through the black night, leaves rustle under my feet as I drag a dead deer behind me. As we come back frome the hunt, my leader Sir Grank tells me more about The Great One's. "Year's ago the clan was made to help people, but when the leader died a new one came. He had the blackest of all heart's. He would kill without reason, he stole children to train to obey him, he even slaughtered the animal's for fun Grank explained." "Why would the clan let such a evil man be leader I asked?" "They didn't, he put a spell on them. So know they have no feeling for other creatures he replied." I must end the journal early, for it is getting late and will need my energy for the raid tommorow on the enemy base. So till tommorow this is were my journal end's.

    Journal entry 2

    Nothing is happening like it should have! Many died, during the battle and many went to the other side. Before I give all of it away ill start from the beggening... I woke with a start. I could here the wind hiting the side of my small hut. Even with the sound of the bird's chattering I could hear someone wispering. "I don't understand" I heard one of the muffled voices say. "I told you! We must try to attack from the front." "If we attack from the front they will know were coming" he wispered angrily. At that moment someone burst into the hut. I quickly rolled to the floor and grabbed my nife. As I layed beside my little cott I smelled the familiar scent of vodca. Probably another drunked clan member I thought as I stood up. What I saw was not pretty, staggering into the hut was a wounded clan member. I quickly realized it was Malow. He had a arrow in his back, and was bleeding from the mouth. I ran up and caught him as he started to fall. "what happened" I stammerd. He opened his mouth to speak, but no word's came out. He tried again and said "came out of no were... in the trees... enemy attacking". At that moment he died in my arm's. I dropped his body, and ran to get my gun. A few second's later I bolted out the door, but I stepped not in the familiar camping ground of the Shadow Wolves, but into hell. I saw 2 hut's on fire and a couple of soldiers with sword's raised, their was going to be a big fight. I ran at full speed but had to stop short to dodge a flying arrow, it was so close that I feel the owl feather on the end scrape against my nose. I quickly ran to were the arrow had come from. I saw a shine in the corner of my eye and did a side flip to dodge another arrow. More and more came but I dodged ever one of them and killed at least 10 or 20 of the archers. I saw one more and jumped into a tree and jabbed forward. To my suprise all I ended up jabbing was a dummy. Which I guess set off a trap, Becuase all I remember is stabbing the thing and then blackness. Im gonna end it here becuase were ever I am is dank and dark. I need to get some sleep so till next time.

    Journal entry 3

    I awoke in a daze my head was throbbing, and I had a sharp pain in my chest. I slowly rose off the hard damp floor's. I looked around to see I was in a small, I think a 10 by 10 room. As I looked around I could smell the faint scent of fish. I walked up to one of the wall's that had bar's on it. As I tried to look down a dank hall I noticed 3 other cell's. 1 of them was a fellow clan member and the other 2 looked to be diformed animal's. As all this coursed through my mine I heard footstep's coming. To my suprise the animal's jump on the back's and played dead. What were the so scared of I thought. Then I saw him he was at least 7 feet tall in a dark overcoat and jean's. He was gigantic, I nearly gasp. "Well Well Well" he boomed. "I see you have awoken." I quickly reached for my gun, of course it wasn't their. As then strange man walked closer and closer, I shrunk lower and lower to the ground in fear. I must end the here my execution is tommorow, so I send the journal as a last request, but I will try to escape but their is no promises.

    Journal entry 4

    OK so this is what has happened I have been chased through a forest, attacked by a bear, bitten by 3 dog's, and I have had to burn down a town, sound's easy right? OK so before I give it all away I will tell you what happened... I sat their looking up at the giant man as he boom on and on about a master plan. He said something about digging and a bomb. OK but after he told me stuff that I didn't even understand. Well after the man left I tried to communicate with the fellow clan member. He slowwly looked around like he was in a dream. "Were am I he yelled running up to the bar's of his cell. Wait havn't been here longer than I have?" I asked puzzeled. "Omg my family" he started screaming. OK it was easy to tell, he has went crazy. I quickly gave up on trying to talk to him. Now that I could think a little clearer I started looking around. I noticed only a plate with bread on it. Wich reminded me, I'm starving! I quickly but steadily sat down. I grabbed the bread knowing I had to make it last. Any one reading this, I must tell you I am sitting in a cave wrighting this. I am cold, hungry, bleeding, and lonley, but as I was saying. I started eating then noticed something. about 10 feet above me I saw a window! It looked to be just big enough for me to fit through. I had to use my training I got from The Shadow Wolves Academy, S.W.A for short. I grabbed the plate only makeing the bread spill every were. I leaned it against the wall and tried to balance on it. As I used the balancing skill's I got from the S.W.A. I heard a light sound. I couldn't my finger on it but it sounded like craking. Yeah it took me that long to realize what it was. Of course it was the plate. After about three second's I landed on my butt. I looked up knowing I couldn't jump it, and their was nothing to lift me up to it. That was until I heard a voice outside the window. Im sorry for anyone that's reading this, but I must end the journal here. As I sit in this cave I think wrighting this is the only thing keeping me sane.

    Journal entry 5

    Since I have been in this cave for a week with a fellow clan member, I have noticed that thing's have changed. The war has changed, I have changed, and I have found some one that I think, might be my long lost love. OK I know i'm jumping ahead again so let me bring you up to speed. When I heard the voice I didn't know what to think. I could here it say only this, "friend." I counldn't remmember were I had heared that voice before, but I remmembered hearing it when I was smaller. At first I thought I had gone crazy with lonleyness. My execution was in one hour and I didn't have anyone to help me. I realized I wasn't crazy when I heard the voice again. "I am hear to help" the voice said again. This made me jump to my feet. I ran up to the window and looked up. All I saw was a unfamiliar women face. I almost yelled, but kept myself from doing that becuase it might have given her away. "Who are you?" I asked. "Does that realy matter?" she replied. I just kept staring at her she had deep blue eye's, flawless skin, and she looked happy. In other word's she was buetiful. Before I could even react I heard a giant bang. The wall that in front of me two second's ago, was gone. It had fallen the oppisite way. My first thought was, omg it killed her. I was wrong of course, as the smoke cleared I saw her standing were the window had fallen. "Wow" is the only word that ecaped my lip's. "Miss me she said." I was breathless, it was Yanni! Six year's ago she had been thrown off a bridge in front of my own eye's! The Great One's had killed her to warn me to stay away. Of course it made me hate them more, but still how was she here. I swear I almost cried! She quickly ran up and gave me a hug. It felt good to finally see her again. If your wondering, she is slim and very athletic. When I stabbed that dummy like three journal's ago, I had climbed a 10 foot tree in five second's. To her it would of been a 2 foot tree in one second. She was the fast and gymnastic type of girl, and I was the fast yet tough kind of guy. From the moment the wall blew up it had only taken us ten second's to realize we should be running. As if we had a plan we both bloted in the same direction. As we dodged tree after tree going deeper into the forest I could here the faint sound of dog's barking. Not good is all I could think about before the unspeakible happened. I ran face first straight into a bear. Of course Yanni had already jumped to the side and made her way up a tree, she sat their and was ready to attack it if needed. I realized and raised one hand as I backed away from the giant bear. It was black and about seven feet tall. It let out a loud bellow, and turned around. I could now see it had just eaten. It had a lot of wet blood on it's face. Hey I am sorry to leave you hanging but I must end the journal here. It's late and I must get some sleep to travel over the mountain's to get back to the camp.

    Journal entry 6

    Before I even begin to right this journal. Let me tell you something. Never try to climb down a mountain without something to support you. I had to learn the hard way. OK as alway's I am getting ahead so as alway's. This is what has happened. As I looked up at the bear, I could smell the foul scent of the gut's hanging from it's snout. I was about to throw up when I saw Yanni start to move. Before I could react, or the bear for that matter. She was on it's back. I quickly made a bad choice. As she struggled with the bear, I tried to tackle it. Right before I hit it's furry body, I got backhanded by it's paw. I swear I saw star's, now cartoon's didn't seem so fake. I staggered on my feet, barely able to make out the shape's in front of me. All I could see was a big blur. I could make out enough of the shape's to know Yanni had been nocked down, and the bear was on top of her. That was enough modivation for me. I tried to tackle the bear and this time succeded. I had resteled it to the ground and given Yanni a chance to find a weapon. As I sat on the bear one thing went through my mind. "Why am I resteling a bear!" Yanni knew about how I could react, so she didn't need to tell me when she was swinging. When the stick came about three feet from my face I rolled off the bear. I looked back to see the stick break in half, and see that it was dead wood. It had done nothing. Are last resourt was to run. We both bolted back through the tree,s. We could hear the bear about only five feet behind. I didn't dare turn around to check to see how close it was. I think we ran for another twenty minutes before hearing the bear slow down. As if on que, we both tried to climb a tree. We both made it and looked down. The bear was finally leaving. Without thinking I turned and huged Yanni. I didn't care I was just so happy to see her again. As she hugged me back she started telling me about a cave about a mile from here. So we set off. We had agreed we would not talk, till we got their. When we got to the cave, I wanted jump down on the floor and sleep badly, but I couldn't. At that moment's that I tried to sit in the cave I was bit on the arm. One of the dog's had some how made it here first. it wasn't hard for me to snap the thing's neck. Of course their had to be two more though. I was bit in both arm's and defencless. That was till Yanni slammed a empty gun across both dog's head's killing them emediatly. We were safe I think. I sat their and of course fell asleep. I awoke with with two bandages on both arm's and I was laying on a cot. Yes I was still in the cave. Hey I am ending the journal here. I will have to tell you Yanni's amazing story of survive another time.