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    “Yes honey I’ll be right there! Just give daddy a second to clean up, ok?”

    Clean up? What am I stupid? She’s going to suspect something’s up! Ok, think. Just think. What am I going to do? Maybe she just wants to know what’s for breakfast. Maybe she’s just getting ready. Alright I can do this! I have to do this!

    “Daddy, can I wear the earrings I got from Christy in the Pollyanna?”

    “Yes honey! Just give daddy some time ok? I have to clean up a little mess I made.”

    Little mess, oh boy what an understatement. I’m going to hell. I know I’m going to hell! Oh where is that mop! I have to hurry before she comes downstairs! Oh god my shirt! Apron! Where is the apron! Damn it! Ok I can clean up this mess! Just mop it up! It’s only blood! I can do this! I can get this over with! She won’t notice a thing. Get her out the house as soon as possible. Then I can go to work… Work? What am I thinking! I can’t think of things like that right now! I have to worry about the here and now!

    Oh my god! I think I just heard her bedroom door! I’m almost done! Just a bit more! Alright I’m done! Throw the bucket in the closet for now! I’ll take care of it all later! Throw on the apron and… and… s**t! I can still tell there is blood! I can’t get rid of it all! Flour! Where is the flour! I made a mess I’ll make another to hide it! She’s coming down the stairs! What time is it? It’s twenty after six! She only has ten minutes before she has to leave for the bus! I just have to holder her off for ten minutes! I can do this!

    “Hey daddy I’m leaving early, alright? I told Sara and Christy I’d meet them at the bus station early!”

    “Alright honey! Be safe! Don’t get hurt!”

    Yea right, don’t get hurt! If she is going to get hurt by anyone it’s going to be me! Oh what a monster I am! Ok I have to be at work by 8, so I have an hour to clean this up! Crap! Now I have to clean up the flour too! Oh god, why the hell am I complaining! I’m so sorry Silvia! I don’t even know if I should go to work! But if I don’t they might think something is up! I have to act like nothing as if happened. What am I going to do about Rebecca though? I can’t hide the fact that her mother is dead! What am I going to do? What am I going to do!

    Alright, I’ll clean this mess, take the… body… and hide it in the basement for now. I’ll put it in the broiler room for now. I’ll have to go to work and act normal. No one will suspect a thing! When the day is over I’ll come back and dispose of the body. Where though? There is no were to hide a body! I’m going to get caught! I deserve to get caught. I deserve to die!

    Get away with murder. Hah! Like such a thing is possible! I have no choice though. If I’m going to do anything I’ll have to do the impossible. I’ll have to find a way to get away with murder. I just wanted what was best for my daughter. I should have never of bought those stocks! Idiot! If they don’t catch me for the death of my wife, they’ll catch me for insider trading! I’m screwed! How am I going to get out of this? Oh Rebecca I’m so sorry! I wish I could have done you better in life! I just wanted you to get the best college education! I didn’t mean for it to turn out like this!

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    Work can be a pain at times, it can be even worse when you have a little suprise waiting for you at home. Why did this happen? Can you really get away with murder? And why doesn't Mr. Douglass just shave his head already?!

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