''Mama!'' ''Yes?'' ''Im going to school now!'' Kanna said brightly as the same. '' This early?Oh well I guess you cant help yourself. Ok And dont bring all those boys back here!'' her mother said that with a bit laughter as I can see for myself. ''Wow... Kanna is really growing up right?'' Kanna's father said to her mother. ''Yep..'' Kanna was walking to school. She was a transfer student ya now. She was walking to school normally. And then when she went on the front of the school. Boys were cowding around her. They where like saying ''Omg will you marry me!'' and some boys said '' Kiss me if you have to!'' The girls started at her like this. evil evil But she dident care she just took of to class. She went down to sit down. '' Hello students!'' the teacher said. '' Hello Ms.Kiramasi!'' the all said. ''Today we have a new trasfer student and may you please stand up?'' the teacher ask Kanna. " ok!'' she said nicley. She stood up. There was a shiny glimmer on her she was sooo pretty. She had Silver hair and white eyes like the snow. Everybody just stared at her like something like this. eek But they weren't shocked they had a smile. After school she went to the park . She just loved singing so she sang by the foutain. She had the most like the best voice you ever heard. And then people were crowding around she diden't see becuase she was singing with her eyes closed and then she stopped singing people lost their mind becuase of the singing. Poeple cheered at her . And then a person walked up they said '' Her a paper to the records Hillside records so please enter.'' the person said to her. And then she took it and she ran off.

    Chapter 2
    ''OMG!!'' ''I have it yay! Im so happy wait...Tomorrow! Yay!Yay!yay!Yay!''The next day she got dressed nicely and sneaked out and left. ''Ok so we go past Komichi Store and past this resterant. And..'' she said while walking to the records. '' And you are there.'' she looked up and she said. '' Waaaahhh!!!So huge!'' She went in and she saw some girls over the age of 20. She went in and sat down and waited for her turn.Then later it was her turn. ''Ok so your name is Koshia Kanna age 14.'' '' Yes!'' '' Ok start singing.'' ''Ok!'' She started singing she sang: The melody thats in your heart you can sing that song in your heart!People think thier useless thats becuase their hearts Are not filled with the melody of music!Just becuase their useless dosent mean that there singing the music in there heart!Belive yourself or no faith will come your way. So retern that music in that heart! That music can fade away if you dont belive in that music inside your heart!!! So belive! Belive in that faith inside yourself! And then she was done singing. They said OMG WE PICK KOSHIA KANNA!!! And shes all like whhattt!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chapter 3
    Her manger named Myona told her that she was starting her concert. '' Already!'' she yelled. ''Yes today at 5:23.'' ''Wow that fast..'' ''yep its that fast'' the replid.