• Chapter 14 Training:
    “What? No way!” Arc was screaming his whisper at Bravo. Bravo stuck his finger in his ear as if he was trying to regain some hearing “What? Why can’t I stay with Amy while you guys go and train?” Steven walked a little closer “As grateful as I am for you doing what you did for Arc I have to agree with Arc. We don’t know you enough yet.” Arc looked at Steven “What did he do for me?” Steven looked at Arc confused “Oh, that’s right” He regained his usual smirk “We didn’t tell you yet did we? Bravo, here, saved your life.” He gestured towards Bravo who took a half bow. Arc thought for a second “You mean those weird beast things? Yea, I guess he did knock them all out along with me though.” Bravo shrugged his shoulders “I may have put too much into it, but it worked.” Steven shook his head in acknowledgment “That’s true, but even if we did decide to let you stay how would we train? We’ve pretty much done everything we could think of, and then some.” Bravo smirked and laughed to him self “Yes, you’ve done everything you could do, but not everything I can do. I have some friends that could help.” Steven shook his head “Ok, where and when?” Arc looked at Steven in disbelief “What? You’re going to trust him just like that?” Steven looked at Arc “Well, as much as I hate to say it, I’m afraid he’s right. We need more training and he’s offering. Besides if does something to Amy he’s going to end up wishing he hadn’t.” Bravo made a fake worried smile “Oh, please sir you can trust me.” Steven and Bravo started laughing.

    “This is where he said right?” Steven looked around. They were back into the forest, but not as deep. They could still see some of the city street, but only from a distance. The trees weren’t scarce but they weren’t abundant either. Arc was looking around “He said there would be a mark on a tree.” He focused on a tree about twenty feet ahead of them “Hey, Steven” He shouted over to Steven who was searching in the other direction, “I think I found it.” Steven jogged over “So you did, good job.” Arc looked at the tree “Let’s go so we can get back to Amy as soon as possible.” Steven nodded in agreement.

    Bravo relocated himself to the comfiest chair in the room “I can’t believe they don’t trust me. Well, maybe I do, but it still makes me mad.” He repositioned himself “Well, I’ll just have to gain their trust. Of course, that means sitting here and doing nothing for hours on end.” He heard a turning noise to his side “Ugh… my head…” Bravo looked at Amy “So, finally awake?” Amy turned slowly still dazed “Where am I? Wait… who are you?” Bravo lent in towards Amy just enough to put his elbows on his legs “We have a lot to talk about.”