• Ezekiel Daspien Ryshrike...what a character...
    Last of the Landowar Elves...a tribe now etched into the pages in which you read.
    His father left when Ezekiel became a man.
    His mother died in the fields of battle.
    When he married and his wife, moria, had his first child, he filled that emptyness that his mother and father left.
    When they were killed in front of him, he felt that gap reform...widen, even.
    Then he had a ball of lead go through his chest. He felt the darkness fill him, take away his breath and sight. He felt his body fall into water.
    He ws pulled out by a set of hands. He was alive. but i'll speak more of this later, let's get back to the boy himself...

    Ezekiel dragged his prize along the fields, making sure that he did not make a mess of his godesse's forest. Finally, he had reached his camp. He slowly lowered the deer and moved to a stump. There was a skinning knife and a common dagger stuck in the wood. He removed both blades, set them in the grass next to the stump, and removed his dragging rope from his shoulder. he pulled the deer in with his left hand, picking up the curved skining knife in his hand.