• The rain fell down onto the metal roof, all you could hear was that until it was ripped apart by a loud bang, that loud bang of a super sonic bullet splitting the air in two.

    it was followed by another and then another and finally the world seemed to split in two as the noise became almost unbearable. The darkness was all that was left after that, the sinking darkness that enveloped everything that was good and pure. I watched it, all that I had left was now gone and I couldn't do anything to stop it, I was now lost.

    All I could see was red, I was no longer me, I ran into the rain, the ground soaked red and that's when I noticed the bullets hadn't stopped, only my recognition of the noises they made, the flashes in the night were now just a mere distant light, there was nothing but me, the bullets and the red soaked ground and that, that one thing that hurt the most, above the stray bullet that just ripped through my lower leg, above the pain of the bullet that tore my arm in two, above the agonizing burn of the bullet that just barely missed my neck, this hurt more than all of that.

    I was alone again, now what? She was dead, laying there in the mud, that god forsaken red mud, I was not getting up from this, never again would I see the light. The darkness was now my everything. What has happened here, how the hell did this happen, what was going on.

    The darkness enveloped my heart and I was now cold, I just left her body there in the wet, I couldn't feel anything, I think my arm met another bullet but I couldn't quiet feel it as I started to walk in the direction of the first shot, this was it...