• A Sickly Sweet First Date
    Sonde Hidan straightened his tie. He was sweating bullets, ruining his elegantly slicked-back hair. But he didn’t care. The only thing he cared about was....her. That was the reason he was there, in front of her house, with a single white rose. It was why he had patiently let his mother dress him up in a suit, while his friends just laughed. It was why he endured hours of stories from his father. Just to see her.

    She stood inside her house, in her room. Peering out the window, she chuckled. There he was. Standing out there, dressed like an idiot. It was a shame he would get that pretty suit of his ruined. It would be....messy....where they were going. Ha! Let him wait! She smirked. He would have to enjoy it while it lasted....his last hours of happiness

    Sonde stood in front of her house nervously. He checked his watch. Ten minutes until eight. He was supposed to have been there at seven thirty. But she had not yet answered the door. Sonde leaned forward and rang the doorbell once again. Why aren’t her parents answering the door? Shouldn’t they be home? If they’re not.... His mind wandered off. He sighed. He was very uncomfortable, in his too-small shoes and uncomfortable hairdo. But it didn’t matter to him. Only if she liked it....

    She decided that he had been waiting long enough. She slowly made her way to the front door. She cracked her knuckles, smirked to herself, and put away the part of her that was in any way bad. She opened the door. “Sonnie!” She smiled sweetly. “How nice to see you!” She saw the rose and gasped. “Oh....Is that....for me?”

    Finally she was here! Sonde blushed when he saw her. She looked so beautiful....as always. He stammered, “Um....Yes! Th....This is for you!” He thrust the rose at her. “White roses.....they....they....represent....” He blushed, unable to finish his thought.

    “Don’t they symbolize true love?” She smiled. “That’s so sweet of you, Sonnie!” She laughed softly. “So. Where are we off to tonight?” She giggled. “Nowhere.....scary? Right?”

    “No! Of course not!” Sonde reassured her quickly. Why’d you have to get her worried? “We’re going....to the movies! Yeah, that’s right, the movies!” He smiled hastily.

    “The movies? But movies are....are.....” She trailed off. “Let’s go somewhere better. Like, the.....The pier! Yes, the pier! Sonnie, let’s go!” She smiled.

    “Okay! If you want to!” He smiled, and held out his arm. I’m so lucky to have a girl like her....She really loves me, doesn’t she? I love her....My girl.....My Dahlia.....
    Two Days Later....
    The police have finally identified the body found floating in the lake last night as Sonde Hidan, a local boy. The body was found last night at nine PM. The estimated time of death was two nights ago at eight thirty PM. The boy’s date for the evening, local heiress Dahlia Hawthorne, 14, claims to have witnessed Hidan being stabbed to death by a young man. Shikamari Nara, 24, was taken into custody, and awaits trial for the murder if Hidan. Hidan’s body was found with a knife sticking out of its back. The knife is currently undergoing fingerprint testing.