• Walking into a clearing I said, "Well, this is how you shall live from now on.," we watched as confused looks crossed the villagers faces, one finnaly speaking out and saying, "What are you talking about? There is nothing here.," A smirk crossed my face as Naton said, "Look up." and the villagers finnaly saw the well hidden camp. Or what they could see of it. All that showed where the boards that made up the floor. "Grab a rope and hang on," shouted Naton as he grabed one of the ropes that hung from the branches, shooting into the trees.

    One by one, the villagers grabed the ropes and zipped into the tree tops. I noticed a small boy, no older than six, looking nervous and hesitant to grab the fast flying ropes. Aproaching him I asked, "Hi, my name is Mila, what is your name?" "My name is Sen," he told me. "Well Sen, are you going up with your parents, or will you try it alone?," He looked to me and said, "I have no parents. I don't think I will be able to get up. I cannot hold on tight enough.," Thinking about what he said for a moment, I whispered into Nato's ear, and when he nodded his aproval, I asked the child, "Would you like to ride up with Nato? He has paws instead of hands, and needs to get up a special way.,"

    With wide eyesthe boy asked me how my tiger friend would acend into the trees. "You must climb onto his back and see," I said, a gleam in my eye.

    When I was sure Sen was not going to fall off Nato's back, I grabbed my own rope and waited for Nato to reach the platform. As Nato touched down on the floor, an excited Sen scrammbled to the floor, saying, "He goes really fast! He jumps on the branches to get up! It was so cool!,"

    As I scooped the chattering boy into my arms, I walked towards the center room, listening to him talk and knew that he had a hold on my heart.