• ~~ A Shooting Star~~

    In Seaside Secondary school, Amine is making her way to her classroom. She’s a fine, smart, loyal girl. Raymond, he’s the son of a rich family. He’s educated rich and a very, very ambitious and mean person, but I know that inside of him he is nice. Raymond has a big crush on Amine not only because she’s young and pretty and because she is kind and helpful. On the time Amine is on her way to her seat, Raymond came and said “what do I have to do to make you say yes to me?” “Well… you have to be nice, donate money and shelter to the needy and be less ambitious” Amine replied. “Are you nuts woman. I can’t just give away money and give up on my dreams” he replied. After the discussion the school bell rang and Mr. Drake came.
    After school Amine is on her way house near the seaside beach. On the way home Raymond showed up, and but he just got dumped again and landed on the floor after Amine’s punch on his face.
    During night time Amine is studying near the window for her exams and while she was studying there was a shooting star in the glittery night sky. But it wasn’t, it seems that the shooting star is going to land on the beach near her house.
    She ran as fast as she can to where the star fell, but when she got there the there wasn’t any star as all, but what she did see was a handsome young man with muscular abs, and white wings on his back. Amine asked the young boy his name and the boy said “I don’t know.” “Where are you from? Who are your parents?” Amine asked. “I don’t remember, but I do remember that I fell from the stars, but why?” The boy replied. “You must have amnesia” replied Amine. “But why did he fell from the sky?” she murmured. “Since you don’t remember your name I’ll call you… Alexei, is that ok with you?” said Amine. “That names unusual but sure” replied Alexei.
    The next day Amine went to school and left Alexei alone in the house, but he figured out how to hide his wings. After Amine’s class she decided to buy some extra food for Alexei. With her carrying a load of shopping bags, she met Raymond on her way home.
    “Why do you have a lot of food their Amine? Do you have a guest?” Raymond asked. “No…no it’s just I… ran out of supplies” she replied. “But I saw you the day before carrying tons of bags” Raymond asked. “Ooww… it’s just… rats… rats ate them” Amine replied nervously. Then Amine walked fast and left Raymond alone with some of his bodyguards. “Guard 1… have a spy look around Amine’s place for a few hours and let’s see what’s going on” Raymond ordered one of his guards. “Yes sir” guard 1 replied.
    *sigh*”That was close, and why was Raymond in a commoners market? Well whatever that guy is planning let’s hope I’m not a part of it.” Amine murmured. “Ooh…you are back. I had a little problem around the house this morning” said Alexei. While Amine was on her way to the kitchen to cook the foods she bought, she saw the house wrecked like a storm hit the place. Amine shouted so loud it could be herd from space! Just, kidding. “What did you do Alexei?” exclaimed Amine. Alexei said “Well I went to take a bath and the sink broke, then there was water everywhere, then I went to the living room and I saw this big black box, so I was curious then I saw this thing with buttons, I pressed one and the box had moving pictured! I was scared ho I hit it with a stick, then I-. ““Enough…I’ve herd enough” Amine said madly. “I’m sorry I’ll clean it up for you” exclaimed Alexei.
    Quietly creeping around Amine’s house was one of the spies that Raymond ordered to spy on Amine. “Boss it appears that there another handsome looking guy in Amine’s house.” The spy said. “Ok thanks, you are dismissed.” Raymond replied. “Hmmm… it looks like we have an unwanted visitor” Raymond continued.
    Meanwhile, back from where Alexei was from the king ordered one of the allies to go look for Alexei. “Aqua blue I want you to use your power to look for prince Star Flame, he landed on earth a few days ago, he looks like this.” The king ordered while giving spy Aqua Blue the picture. “You wont be disappointed your highness” Aqua Blue replied.
    Few days later Aqua Blue landed on earth and started looking for the prince. He looked in the market place, in the school and even in the girl’s spa, where he got beaten up by girl and some of their boyfriends, really bad. As Aqua Blue was about to give up Raymond showed up and said “it appears you looking for someone” “Yes I am, and do you happened to have seen this man?” Aqua Blue asked. “He looks just like the guy that Amine was living with” Raymond murmured. “Why yes I do he lives in this address.” Raymond said. “Thank you” Aqua Blue replied. With a smile on Raymond’s face he left.
    (Knock-knock) “I’ll get it” yelled Amine. “I am here to take prince Star Flame back to our planet” exclaimed Aqua Blue. Amine replied “There is no-“because of the loud voices Alexei went to see what happened. “There you are my prince!” Aqua Blue exclaimed. “Who are you? I don’t know you” he replied. “You are our prince, the same prince that betrayed the planet and refused to have an arranged marriage with the princess of the neighboring planet, to stop them from destroying ours. In order to get away from us you left and landed on this planet” Aqua Blue explained. Because of Alexei’s shock his memories came back and fell on the floor yelling, suddenly his wings came out and countless feathers swirled around him. After that the feathers disappeared and Alexei changed into his suite of armor and remembered everything. “Now I remember who I am. I am Star Fire the prince of Stafira.” He exclaimed. “Now let’s go back home my prince” said Aqua Blue. While Star Fire was holding Amine’s hand he said “No! I want to stay here with Amine” Star Fire exclaimed. “No my master you have to come with us. With a wave of Star Fire’s hand fire came out and hit Aqua Blue. “I’ll come back for you!” Aqua Blue yelled. And Aqua Blue vanished in thin air. “Now that’s over I have to tell you something Amine” said Star Fire. “What is it?” Amine asked. “I hope you’ll understand…I Love You!” he exclaimed. Amine gasped. She was shock. Moments later Star Fire is holding Amine’s hands and a hugged her and told her “I Love You, that’s why I don’t want to go home, I want to stay here, with you.” While hugging Star Fire slowly tears began to fall from Amine’s eyes, but she smiled and replied “I love you too”
    From a short distance it happened that Raymond was just passing by and saw the two hugging and thought “Hmm… maybe Amine’s not my number one. I’m happy for her that she found someone she loves the most. Star Fire if you make Amine cry I’ll give you a piece of my mind!” Raymond murmured.