• She stood silent in the doorway. The whites of her eyes pierced the darkness. She watched as the two people in front of her kissed. Her heart sank deep into her chest. She wiped the tears from her dark green eyes. Never before had she been consumed by such uncontrollable hate. The jagged knife in her hand shook as her body trembled. She took a quite step forward. Her mind was made up.
    Without hesitation she launched herself in to the bedroom. Grabbing the lamp of the beside table, she slung it at the head of the unknown female causing her to fall to the ground unconscious "What the hell are you doing?" yelled the male from the darkness. "who is that?" She turned on the light and took a step closer. His face held an expression of unimaginable horror. "Hello Ryan," she spoke these words in a tone that made her seem almost dead. He sat up abruptly, you could see the fear in his eyes. "Look Saleen this isn't what you think, I didn't know you were here," His words ran together making ti almost impossible to understand.
    Saleen looked at the girl on the ground. Her eyes darted straight to her heart. With a sudden impulse she threw herself to the ground and began stabbing the girl in the chest. Her whole world was crashing down, and she was determined surprised to bring down as many as she can along the way. As her heart slowed down she stood up and looked at what she had done. She stared at Ryan with her soul on fire. She turned around and walked out the door, mumbling the worlds "you're next."
    The damp hallway of the building chilled her bones. The thought of what she had done ran over and over through her head. She could see the blood on her hands and clothes. Her first priority was to get out of the building before Ryan had time to call the cops. Time seemed to go in slow motion as she walked out the door of the old motel. She zipped up her hoodie covering the blood spots on her shirt. Saleen stepped on to the sidewalk. She was glad to see the road was practically abandoned, except for a few cars and a prostitute on the corner. Still unable to grasp what she had done, she walked the five miles to her own apartment and began packing an away bag. There was no way she could stay there after what she had done. The best thing for her to do would be to get out of town as fast as possible. Into the bag she packed three pairs of pants, and two shirts. After tearing her room apart she was able to find fifty dollars in cash and a loaded pistol. She threw it into the bag and zipped it up. Throwing it over her shoulder she quickly walked down the stairs and onto the side of the street. A cab drove by just in time. She flagged it down and hopped inside. "Take me as far as fifty bucks will get me," she said slamming the car door. The cabby looked at her awkwardly and pulled off the curb.
    They stopped just at the edge of town. Saleen gave the cab driver the money and stepped out of the car. She looked around but there wasn't much to see. Everything around her seemed lifeless. It was dark outside, and the lack of streetlights made it almost impossible to navigate. After walking another five miles she arrived at another run down motel. Looking around to make sure no one was watching her she walked up the stairs and picked the lock on one of the empty rooms. Without even turning on the light she walked over and collapsed on the bed. She fell asleep the second her body touched the old mattress. The dreamless night seemed to pass in a matter of seconds. When the first bit of light shone through the window she awoke. Standing up off the bed she walked to the window and pulled the blinds closed tightly. It wasn't safe anymore, risking that one night there was bad enough.
    She opened the door and looked around. One of the doors leading to another room was open. No one seemed to be around so she walked inside. "Is anyone in here?" she whispered. No one answered. On the bed there was a big purple purse. Again she looked around and saw no one. Inside the purse was a wallet containing three hundred dollars. Without thinking she grabbed it and walked quickly out of the room. She didn't stop walking until she reached a busy highway. Cars drove past her, speeding up and down the street. once again she called for a taxi. As the taxi stopped she opened the door and sat in the backseat. "Listen to me," she said pulling out the pistol and putting it to his back. "I'm only going to say this one time. I want you to drive as far away from this hell hole as you can on this tank of gas, and if you so much as twitch in the wrong way, I swear I will blow your brains out." The cab driver turned stiffly to the wheel and began driving. The gas gauge pointed to full, which means she could get far enough away that she would be able to think in peace.
    She sat in the back seat quietly. Her mind was running a million miles an hour. She lowered the gun and sat it in her lap. Her mind was filled with a labyrinth of mixed emotions. On the one hand she was scared and sorry for what she did, but in her mind she felt that it was the right thing to do. The miles on the car added up quickly. They ended up coming to a stop at an old fashion town. "Go park around that corner," she said pointing the gun at his back once again. The driver did what he was told. When they came to a stop she ordered him out of the car. "Go stand with your face against that wall," as she spoke these words she felt herself slip even deeper in the hole. The cab driver stood against the wall. You could hear him sobbing and uttering a prayer. Saleen put the gun to his head and shot once. He fell dead on impact. She stripped him of his clothes and and stuffed them in her bag. She drug his lifeless body into the shadows and covered it with trash. Her heart was beating faster and faster with each passing second. She climbed into the drivers side of the car and drove until she reached a nearby motel. As if by routine she found an empty room, picked the lock, and fell down onto the old rotting mattress, but this time she didn't fall asleep.
    Saleen laid on the bed looking up at the ceiling. She counted each raised bump, and tried to make shapes out of them. After laying there for an hour she got up and walked to the bathroom. It was the most disgusting thing she had ever seen. It was filthy, and the bathtub was filled with dirty water She took a hair bow off her wrist and tied up her long black hair. There was no way she was getting in that bathtub. She stood in front of the sink and wet her hands, she splashed the water on her face. This was the closest thing she had to a bath in the past two days. The water had a small odor, but it was better than nothing. After washing, Saleen went back into the bedroom and laid on the the bed. She tossed and turned to get into a comfortable position, and finally fall asleep.