• Ok I am going to tell you a story.
    This is the first day of ninja school.Hinata is getting ready to go to school with her brother Neji. They leave after making there lunch for that day.They were talking about nothing.The got to school about five minuets.The teacher had to group up the kids in to groups of three.Hinata got grouped with Shino and Kiba .Her brother got Rock Lee and Tenten.That Neji liked a lot.After months went by she started to like Gaara.But she didn't tell anyone because she would think they would laugh at her.It is Hinata b-day.Gaara got her something.She opened it in front of Gaara.It was a stuff animal.Hinata got up off her knees and hugged him and Gaara stared to blush."Hinata?" "Yes Gaara?" Hinata said. "Will you go out with me?You don't have to if you don't want to." There was nothing that she can say.Later that day she said yes to Gaara.Now 5 years from Hinata b-day.Hinata is 21.Gaara is 22.There are marred.They have one kid.It's a boy.The boy is is 3 now.the boy's name is Jiraiya.