• Chapter 2: “Dark Room”

    When Frank woke up, de didn’t recognise the room he was in.
    The smell of putrid alcohol was inherited in every single object of the dark room.
    «Crap»he thought«Where am I? »
    After a quick look around, he noticed he was in a bed, a very old one.
    All windows were closed.
    Frank sat on the bed and observed the dusty room.
    At the center, there was a person there, smoking.
    Frank got out of the bed and, carefully, walked to the chair.
    Then, breeding deeply with fear, he placed himself in front of the emo b*****d.
    This one; he looked surprise and blow some smoke to Frank’s face.
    Frank’s immediate reaction was coughing.
    The emo guy made a subtle smile, but it disappeared as quickly as it came.
    -What’s your name?-his voice was softer than his looks made believe.
    -What’s yours?-asked Frank.
    The emo guy closed his eyes and smiled, again:
    -Mine’s Frank.
    -So, Frank, what have you done to those kids to end up like that?
    Frank responded him, a little irritated by his smooth voice:
    -Why do you care?
    -I don’t.-replied Gerard.
    Yet, Frank told him:
    -I called them gay.
    Gerard seemed to be serious for a few seconds, but he quickly dropped the “cool guy that doesn’t give a damn” act and started laughing like a maniac.
    Frank felt awkward by seeing someone laughing of his bad actions, but Gerard continued:
    -God, school boys are really annoying! How much hurt pride!
    Frank’s eyes were fixed in the cigarette on Gerard’s hand.
    Gerard noticed it:
    -Do you want some?
    Frank felt tempted, but resisted:
    -Are you kidding me? I’m only fourteen!
    Gerard raised his left eyebrow:
    -And? If you want it, you should take it! We should obey to our desires...
    Frank stayed in silence for a few moments:
    -Can I go, now?
    Gerard lay back a little and said:
    -Where are my clothes?-asked Frank.
    -Your clothes?
    -Yes! My jacket and satchel! Where are they?
    Gerard threw the cigarette into the fireplace and got up:
    -I’ll get them for you.
    And, saying this, he left the room and went some place else, using the stairs.
    Frank looked around and spotted a satchel covered with dust.
    Curious, he opened it.
    There were some papers, mainly sketches and reports.
    There was, also, a folder there.
    Frank opened it and what he saw left him stunned.
    There were drawings and paintings, all drawn in comic style. All of them were amazing.
    He looked at the signature:
    «Gerard Way»
    -Wow…Cool!-he commented.
    -Yeah.But they’re not for you to see!
    Frank turned around:
    Gerard was at the door, starring, furious, at him:
    -Here are your clothes. Please, get out!
    Frank got up and, looking to Gerard’s face, he said:
    -Sorry...I didn’t mean to...
    -Get out! Now!
    Frank quickly took his clothes from Gerard’s hands and, without saying anything, not even to thank him, he ran from that house, with his feet answering to his fear.


    When he got home, ignoring his mother call to dinner, Frank went straight to his room.
    After closing the door, he threw the satchel to the ground and himself to the bed. It felt good being at home!
    But it felt even better than usual because he had something good…
    He took off of his pocket an ID.
    -Gerard Way-he read-18 years, lives in Belleville, New Jersey; Studies in Belleville High School.
    -Crap!-he cursed-It’s his school ID! He won’t be able to go to school tomorrow!
    Even thought he really was screwed up, he laughed:
    -I’d like to see his face when he founds out he cannot enter school! He! He!
    His mother called him again, but he didn’t felt like dinning.
    He went to sleep and lay down in the bed, while holding Gerard’s ID.
    Frank looked at his picture and, suddenly, he blushed.
    «What the hell?! »
    Worried, he threw the ID to the ground, grabbed the pillow beneath his head and putted his head under the sheets.
    «Damn…»he thought, falling asleep right after.