• here were seven gems in the cloud city. They were secured by the guards of the Hokage.
    These gems were mysteriously created along time ago, when the gods were alive. Kevin was a blacksmith who wasn't satisfied. Kevin was Mad that the Hokage sent his partner lisa to prison for breaking the law. So Kevin wanted revenge. He thaught of an idea.

    He made special torso and leg armor and a detailed sword that was light for speed.He also made gloves that can lift up to seventy-six tons. Once Kevin was done, he went the prison to break lisa out. But he used stealth to keep off the heat until he was ready. When Lisa was out, She and Kevin went to visit the Hokage.

    "HALT!", said the two guards standing outside the Hokages temple. "Why isn't she in prison?" Kevin did not say a word. He just drew his sword and sliced the first guards neck. the second guard charged at kevin, but kevin stabbed the second guard in the heart. Kevin gave lisa the first guards armor and gun.

    Max was a hero. He had Super strength, super speed, and he can fly. His only weakness was the ring of chaos that was hidden by the Hokage. When Max found out about the havoc that Kevin was making, he flew off to find him. (Later) Kevin killed many guards before he got to the Hokage. The Hokage already knew what was happening before it all started. When kevin got to the Hokage, The Hokage did not do anything.

    "I know why your here kevin.", he said. "But I won't stop you. you will not get far." Kevin didn't care. He sliced the Hokage's neck. the Hokage was dying slowly as he watched kevin take the seven gems. Lisa was shocked.

    "Kevin. what have you done. have you no mercy? he's the Hokage." she said. "now that he's out of our way, we just need to get max out of the picture." Kevin replied. Then max came soon after the death of the hokage. Soon, Max found them and grabbed lisa by the the arm and took her high into the sky.

    Lisa took out the gun and aimed at max. Max took the gun and broke it in half. lisa started crying "Get Me Down Now." Max saw a gleam in her eye then put her down gently. Kevin then took his sword and stabbed Max in his back. Max screamed and fell to the ground. "Now that i have the 7 gems, I will become Hokage. All this will be mine.