• Another long babysitting gig, another day wasted. At least that’s what Fai D. Flourite thought.

    Fai sat in a chair of the Li Family home, waiting for Syaoran’s parents to return from the hospital. Syaoron had to under go some surgery for his eyesight. Fai didn’t catch the details, he never got too attached to the children he watched over.

    It had been an hour or two since he put Syaoran to bed so he decided to go check up on him. Make sure he really did fall asleep. From his experience kids never liked going directly to bed when told.

    Creeping up to the Li twins’ room he slowly opened the door, just a crack for him to peek in. All was quiet. No movement whatsoever. He was about to close the door when he heard sniffling.

    He went into the room and sauntered over to Syaoran’s bedside. Turning on the light he saw that the boys’s whole body was underneath the blankets.

    “Syaoran-kun?” He asked. “You ok?”

    Little Syaoran kept his head covered under the soft blanket. Fai saw a movement that might have been a nod but he wasn’t sure. He tried to gently pull off the covers so he could see the boy‘s face. Sure enough Syaoran had tears in his eyes.

    “Syao-kun, why are you crying?” Worry seeped into Fai’s body. He hugged the boy.

    Syaoran sniffled, “I …. I miss Syaoron…”

    Fai hugged Syaoran tighter. “Don‘t worry he‘ll be back soon.” Fai never felt so fond over any other kid before but Syaoran seemed to have brought out a caring side of him.

    “But he‘s scared. And… so am I.” Twin telepathy was an amazing thing, it really was. “It feels… empty without him…” Syaoran shivered.

    The blonde haired teen suddenly felt nostalgic. He remembered when he just lost Yuui in that accident. He felt all alone and torn after that. It was like something was missing from him that he would never get back. He knew Syaoran just missed his other half. He knew that feeling all too well.

    Fai tucked Syaoran in and reassured him that his twins would be ok. “He‘ll be back soon and be a-ok. I promise. Now get some sleep it‘s so late for a growing boy like you to be up.”

    Syaoran tugged on Fai’s shirt. “Fai-san…. Could you… maybe….um…. stay here.. ?” A small embarrassed blush crept across the boy’s cheeks.

    Fai smiled softly. “Of course Syaoran-kun.” He sat on the bed by Syaoran.

    Syaoran snuggled back in bed and smiled. “Thanks, Fai-san.”

    Fai ruffled the boy’s hair. “Anytime. Now get some sleep.” He switched off the light and stayed by Syaoran’s side as the boy drifted off to sleep.

    Syaoran mumbled in his sleep, “I wuv you, Fai-san… You‘re the bestest…”