• -In this world, there were 7 large mountains. Each of them were colored. The smallest mountain was black. The sixth mountain was colored brown. The fifth mountain was colored yellow. The fourth mountain was colored red. The third mountain was colored blue. The second tallest mountain was colored green. And the tallest mountain was colored white. On each of them, were a small battle for the person to fight the leader of the color squad. If they succeed in beating the leader, they will take over.

    In the white mountain, about 700 people were battling and throwing each other off the mountain. Two people were sword fighting. One of them continuously swung his sword to hard and lost it while hitting a woman off the mountain. The other stabbed the man to death. She was then shot off along with 20 other people. A man with long black hair and dark skin, was dodging punches, bullets, swords and other thing people swung at him. As of the moment he as thrown out 2 people, but killed over 60. Hr kicked on girl in the head and she blanked out. As soon as he landed the kicked, he jumped to dodge a bullet that hit a kid in the neck. He then spun in the air, kicking the gunmen multiple times with a strong punch in the chest that sent him flying off the mountain. A girl with a sword cut the dark skined boy on the back. The boy got up and looked her. It was just him and her left.

    "Just us left." she chucked as she held her stance. "Are you ready for defeat?"

    "Actually no. I'm ready to kick your a**." the boy retorted smartly.

    The woman thrusted her sword forward and the boy dodged it to the left and spun his left elbow to her chest. She backed up and little stun at the attack. She began swinging and the boy swatted and dodged the sword multiple times. He then slid under her and spun his right leg around and jumped over her while thrusting his left leg back kicking her square in the face. She rolled to the ground at the edge of the mountain. The boy walked over the her seeing if she was dead or not. She look like she fainted. As soon as he got over her, she spruned up and stabbed him in the kidney. He then grabbed her by the neck and chocked her until she ran out of breath and became limp. He then loosened his grip and dropped her off the side of the mountain. Just then he heard a clap. He turned and saw a man with white clown paint covering his body. He has green messy hair, a long sleeve flanel shirt with the sleeves rolled up,s green vest with a green tie and pants. He also has on black shoes and a large grin that looked like it was stuck on his face .

    "Impressive, Nero. I should of expected this from the son of Arsen Arkcada," the man said to Nero. "But I don't think you're good enough to take my spot."

    "Really? my fist say differently, Xanthus." Nero said boasfully.

    "Are you ready to die?"

    "Why do you keep repeating yourself?"

    "Because I like to annoy you. Is it working?"

    Nero disapeared and was behind Xanthus and swung down his sword. Xanthus moved the left and swug his sword at Nero's head. Nero leaned back and the sword missed. He then spun right and elbowed Xanthus in nose. Xanthus staggered back and grabbed his tie and threw it off. He readied his blade and looked at Nero in a bored fashion. Nero charged at Xanthus beserkly and swung his sword multiple times and each time it was blocked. Nero then swung it down with such force the it left a crack in the moutain. Just then a blue flash came out the sword and it sped towards Xanthus who was suprised of the blast. He dodged it at the last minuete and was cut at the leg. It was bleeding but Xanthus didn't feel it. Nero was brething heavily and rested on his blade.

    "You're tired already? It's only been two minuetes."

    "Well, this is the longest two minuetes I've ever been in," Nero complained.

    "Do you forfeit?," Xanthus mocked.

    "You're kidding right?"

    Nero came down with his sword and Xanthus jumped in the air. Nero jumped after him. Xanthus raised his left and a large black energy ball formed. Nero was shocked and couldn't stop himself from going towards it. Xanthus released the blast and it consumed Nero and half of the mountain. Inside the blast Nero began to tear apart. As he did, he split into two people. Then the two figures deformed into two babies. The two babies then flew off in different directions. On baby flew out in space. The other other flew in the planet to a different continet. The other baby landed on a green blue planet. It landed on the steps of a house with a large bang. It startled the whole village and circled around it. A woman, about the age of a 40 year old earth woman came out the house with her daughter and son. She looked down at the crying baby on her steps.

    "It's a sign from Growda! This boy is our savior!," The elder shouted to the village.

    "Why would Growda give me a baby?," She asked with curiousity.

    "Are you gonna keep it momma?," Her daughter asked.

    "Ofcourse she is! We don't Growda to put his rage on us."

    The woman picked up the baby boy and it looked up at her and laughed. She smiled and looked at the villagers. "I'll keep him." The villagers cheered and clapped. They then went back to their work and houses. When the woman got back inside her house the daughter sat next to her mom while the boy went back to his room and went to sleep.

    "What are you gonna name him?"

    I'll name him...Tauren. Yes Tauren. That's a good name. Tauren Vouden.

    Back at the other planet, the other baby crashed in the black continet in front of a brick house surround by acres of dirt and grass. A tall appeared out the door. He was light brown and had long black hair. He also had on a black headband with a symbol that stand for seven. He had on a brown jacket and brown pants. He lifted the baby and it wasn't crying at all. "What a strong baby. I don't see a name on ya so I guess I will. Hmm...I'll name you Arsen. That's the name of my mentor." At the mountain, the blast finally died down and Xanthus thought Nero was nowhere to found. The council in a white robe with a white hat stood up. "As a result of Nero disapearing, he shall be declared dead and therefore loses the match. The winner is Xanthus."

    Xanthus was shocked. He didn't think his blast would have been that strong. He grabbed his tie and put it back on. He then left the battlefield with no regrets of what he did.


    Back at the planet, Tauren woke up to his alarm clock that looked like a dragon. He sat up in his green bed with blue and white stripped pajamas. He got out the bed and looked at the pictures of awards and people he has met being on his job. He walked to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. His blue hair was messy and has drool over his face.

    He took off his clothes and stepped into the washing area. He green water came down on him and he grabbed some blue cleansing bar and washed himself with it. He began to hum a song and after fifteen minuetes, he grabbed a white towel and tied around his waist. Tauren was fit and had small muscles. He took his blue toothbrush and squirted purple colored toothpaste on the bristles. He scrubbed his mouth clean and gargled out his mouth with water. He then went back to his room and put on red boxers with dark brown shorts and a red t-shirt and a brown long sleeve shirt underneath. He then put on his socks and ran downstairs and jumped into the cooking area where his mother was. "Good morning, Tauren. Are you hungry?"

    "I sure am!"

    On the table was green egg, purple potatoes, black toast, and a yellow liquid in a cup made of marble. Tauren licked his lips and reached for his fork. An older girl slapped his hand and sat across from him at the table. "Say your prayers first!," She pour her a glass of juice in a marble cup.

    "Fine! Dear GROWDA, blessed this food that I am about to eat, and I pray that I'll have a good job waiting for me at work. Adem."

    "ADEM," The mother and sister said as they picked up their forks and ate.

    There was a knock on the door and Tauren went to answer it. When it open two kid about Tauren's age were standing there, one was a boy wit the same clothes Tauren has on excep he has a hat and googles. The other one was a girl with brown hair, dark skin and a demale outfit of what Tauren has on except a different color. They both had a snowboard like thing in the hand. "Hey Ven! Tara! What brings you guys here?"

    "We came to get you," Ven replied." It's almost time for work!"

    "Yeah, hurry up!"

    Tauren rushed to put on his brown boots and gulped down his drink and grabbed his red snowboard like thing. He kissed his mother and sister and waved.

    "Bye mom! Bye Yolana! See ya when I get home!"

    He jumped on the snowboad and it floated in the air. All three flew in the air doing tricks untill they got to the building there job was at. The sign on the building said:



    They landed and walked in the building. There were people at the desk and they were talking to people on a communication device and wrote down a job for the day. Just then a worker walked up to the three. "Hey you three! Boss wants to see you guys."

    "Crap, I hope it's not about that screw up."

    They walked into the office and Tauren sat down while the other two stood. The chair was facing the other way and smoke was comming from the seat.

    "Glad you three could make it. Do you know why I called you guys down?," she asked.

    "N-N-NO m'am. We don't," Ven answered.

    "I called you down to tell you, Ven, how much you fcked up that last mission? What did I tell you about using that damn Alchemy?"

    "Never to use it unless I know how?"
    "I told him not to sir--er...m'am," Tara said trying to save Ven.

    "It doesn't matter. You two are off this new case. Tauren will do this alone."

    Tauren jumped out his seat and Ven and Tara was shocked. "Off the case?" "This is absurd!," Tara shouted.

    "Why are we off the job?" The boss turned around and showed herself. She had long blonde hair and glasses. She wore a black suit with a whiite shirt and black tie. She had a cigar in her mouth and took a puff before going on

    "Because, If it wasn't for Tauren, you guys wouldn't have completed the job. Now you two get a desk and start answering calls. Tauren you stay."Tara and Ven left and closed the door. Tauren sat back down and waited for the job description. She then took another puff and blew it out.

    "Tauren, I have special job for you. It's top of the list job. This is first one we've had since before you were here. You ready for it?"

    "What's the job?"

    "It's about the new phoenix jewel. It is missing and it's very dangerous in the wrong hands. You need to get it back and return it to the phoenix planet."

    "Well, I'm in!"

    "Okay. Start packing. I'll tell you the details later. Oh and another thing...DON'T TELL ANY F*CKIN BODY ABOUT THIS understand? Or it might cause a large war."

    "You've got nothing to worry about."

    Tauren left out and flew back home. He slammed the door open and rushed to his room. His mom was sleep so he tried not to wake her. He pack a year supply of clothes and food just in case. He then walked towards his mom and kissed her on the head. She then woke up. "Tauren? Why are you here so early?," she asked rubbing her head as she sat up. "I'm leaving for my mission. I'll be gone for a while,"

    "Good luck. And I'll tell Yolana you said bye."

    Tauren hugged her and flew back to his job. He smiled thinking about the new things he would meet out in the galaxy. All the new worlds and people, but there's more to this story than just the jewel...

    Tauren went back to his boss's office with his things. When he got in, he saw a man in there sitting in the chair. "Oh good! You made it back. This is Ferma, your pilot, he'll be taking you to the sites," The boss explained.

    "Wait, sites? I thought it was just one jewel," Tauren said confused.

    "I thought she told you that it scattered across the universe," Ferma answered. "You have much to learn."

    "Well you guys need to get moving! Go on, get the ******** out," She said jokingly. "Don't let me down!"

    Ferma got some of Tauren lauggage and took it with him as they walked out the office and headed towards the back of the building and there was a red and blue ship. It was 70 meters long and 40 meters wide. Ferma reached in his pocket and got out a horn. He clicked it twiced and the doors to the ship opened and stairs came down. They rode it up and the doors closed behind them. The area he saw in front was like it came straight from a sci fi movie. It had a large orange ball in middle and five seats. It black in there but easy to see. There was three rooms where people can sleep in and it had an eating area.

    "Wow! This looks so cool! I can't beleive a ship like this exist." Tauren exclaimed.

    "Well this is a new ship just made 2 months ago," Ferma boasted as he sat down Tauren's things and went to the pilot seat. "Hand made by the military for us."

    "Really? That is so cool!"

    "That's not all!" Ferma reached in the back and grabbed two boards. One was black with orange as a secondary color and on that was orange with black as the secondary color. Ferman handed Tauren the black one. "They gave us hoverboards! I wonder if Abron Co. still making these or if they got taken over."

    "WOW! My own hoverboard!"

    "Alright, that's enough of the look around we have to get going." Tauren sat down and stapped up. Ferma did the same and he put on a headset. "Ruby, can you here me?"

    "YOU SH**HEADS STILL HAVEN"T F***ING LEFT YET?!," She bellowed.

    "Well we were getting aqquainted to the sh--"

    "Save the bulls**t. How long will it take to get to the first destination?"

    "Not that long. About 2 days top if we leave now."

    "Well get your a** moving and go. Make sure you take care of that boy too. I don't want his bitchy mom to hold me resposible if he dies."

    "Will do," Ferma answered and took off the headset. He placed his hands on the orb and the ship started up. Tauren was in his seat holding on just incase something bad happens. Ferma then turned the orb up and the ship began to fly up and out of the atmosphere. He then braced himself at the force of layers that kept them from leaving the atmosphere. They then broke through and flew in outerspace. Tauren was in awe as he took off his seatbelt and was weightless in air. Ferma sat in seath and made a path to the desenated planet on the orb. He then closed his eyes and relaxed.

    "Hey aren't you suppose to be looking after the kid?." A voice said.

    "Who said that? Ferma said looking around.

    "It is I, Abron, the creator of the story."

    "Oh! I'm so sorry, Mr. Creator. Is there anything I can d--?"

    "I want you to follow the story. Besides you're a non-important charcter. I could kill you off if I wanted too."

    "Tauren are you hearing this?," Ferma bellowed. Tauren was fast asleep and snoring. Ferma looked dumbfounded and looked up. "Okay you win this round, creator. But when this progress more, I swear, I'll kick your a**!," Ferma boasted.

    "Hehehehehehehe...that's what you think," The creator laughed. "

    "Tch. Whatever." Ferma looked back and saw the planet they were heading to. He flew towards it and went into the atmosphere. The ship began to freeze up and break. Ferma tried to keep the ship warm but the engine froze up as the got in the planet. The ship fell in the planet. The door of the ship opened and Tauren fell out. A wolf was running into the site Tauren was falling from. Behind him were wolves with sword chasing the other wolf. As the wolf went past. Tauren fell on him. Ferma was frantically running around as the ship came down. "DAMN YOU, CREATOR!!" The ship fell on the wolves with weapons and it exploded to nothingness. Tauren woke up to the explosion and looked around scared. The creator began to laugh.

    "That's what you get jackass!" Tauren got up and the wolf punched him in the face.

    "Who the hell do you think you are falling on me like that?!, he said. Tauren looked confused.

    "Woah...you can talk," Tauren said amazed. "No sh*t, dumb-f*ck."

    More wolves started comming to the crash site and started running towards the black furred wolf. He grabbed toward and ran. "C'mon!," He commanded. They ran into the forrest where it got colder. Tauren began to shiver and they ran into a deep cliff. "We gotta jump," the looked down and kicked a rock down and still didn't hear anything.

    "No! I'm not jumping!," Tauren retorted.

    "Either die right here or jump," The wolf insisted, "We might die either way."

    "You might die. They don't know me so they won't have a reason to kill me," Tauren answered.

    "You're with me and plus you're not from here. A good reason on why they may kill you."

    "Touche," Tauren said as he looked down at the cliff then at the wolves comming. "Since we might die, I might as well tell you my name. Vouden. Tauren Vouden," Tauren announced amd held out his hand.

    "I'm Afton. Afton Cryfton. He shook his and and they both jumped off the mountain. They screamed as they free fell off the mountain for miles to come. They soon got bored and fell asleep while falling. Tauren pulled out a manga and began to read it. They then started to scream again as soon as they were about to hit the ground. The snow broke their fall but Tauren knocked his head and fell asleep. Afton picked up Tauren and ran. He went towards the castle and headed for it. He busted in and collapsed at the throne room. His brother was in room talking to one of his knights.

    "Afton! What brings you here?"

    His brother asked. He had gray fur, yellow eyes and a red royal outfit. "Well, you a*****e, you banned me from my f***ing kingdom and sent these b***h-a** killers after me to f***in' kill me! What the f***ing hell, Rajima?," Afton bellowed.

    "Oh that? That was just some brotherly love. You know that," Rajima answered.

    "Bulls**t," Afton replied, "Complete f***ing bullsh*t. You don't expect me to believe that do you?"

    "Actually I did," Rajima replied back.

    "Okay, I don't know what you guys are talking about." Tauren said, " I've only heard a whole bunch of cuss words and that's it. Now if you excuse me--"

    Rajima glared at him. "And who might you be?," He asked.

    "I'm Tauren. I'm here on a mission to find the Phoenix Tear," Tauren boasted.

    Both wolves were shocked and looked at their arms. "I see...," Rajima said. "And do you know where to find it?"

    "No. The ship I came in had locations to all the spots, but the ship exploded."

    "Hmm...," Rajima pomdered. He then snapped his fingers and and two guards appeared in the room.

    "What's this for, brother? You kicking us out?" Afton asked as he braced himself for the guards.

    "Actually, it's quite the opposite." He motioned the gaurds to his throne chair. "I want you to take these two to a room. They will be staying for a while."

    "Whoa there now! We don't need any pity. We'll be fine by ourselves," Afton said trying to leave as soon as possible.

    "Yeah, plus I need to find the jewel before something bad happens," Tauren added.

    "Well hurry on then and good luck." The two left and when they were out of site, Rajima leaned to one of the guards. "Keep an eye on those two. I don't want ruining anything." Back outside Afton and Tauren walked around searching for the jewel.

    "So what is this jewel?," Afton asked sniffing around.

    "Well it's sometime that you can make a wish off of. Just like on DragonBall Z but except you have to give something up. And I think the jewel is made from a dead phoenix's ashes and after the wish is made, another phoenix is born. So now, I'm on a mission to find it before something happens," Tauren aswered. He then felt something on the ground and picked it up. It was a large orange colored shard. "I think this it what it looks like," Tauren said as he examined it. Afton then grabbed on to his right arm. He walked over to Tauren and took a look.

    "Wow that like half of it huh?"

    "Yep. I think that's all we'll find here."

    "Yeah, so hand it over," Rajima delcared as he walked up behind Tauren with over 20 wolves.

    "Rajima...I should f***ing known."

    "Hey! Don't you f***ing cuss in my presence. Now, Tauren, hand it over or my hungry wolves here will have you as a light snack." Tauren looked at his hand then at the wolves. He then smiled.

    "No can do. I don't give things away to people I can't trust," Tauren explained to Rajima. "So I guess you'll have to kill me for it."

    "Hmmm...very well then," Rajima said calmly. He snapped and the pack of wolves charged after the two. Afton stood in front of Tauren and knocked down most of the wolves. They jumped on him and bit him everywhere.He threw them all off and took out a sword.

    "You know how to use this?," Afton asked. He tossed it to Tauren who almost dropped it.

    "Ofcourse I do," He answered. He started slashing at the wolves and they sliced in half spurting blue blood everywhere. He then cut off a wolf's head that had leapped for him. The jewel then dropped and one wolf grabbed it and went back to Rajima. He handed it over and Rajima laughed.

    "Now that I have most of it, I just need yours, brother. Afton groweld and saw his arm fly in the air just instantly. Afton screamed in pain as blood squirted from the arm. Tauren stood there in awe. Rajima then picked up the arm.

    "See? Now wasn't that easy?," Rajima laughed and walked back to the castle.