• Ray swayed his body from left to right slowely, his cold grey eyes kept on his opponent, his pale peach lips rubbed against each other like sand paper, he was parched the max..
    " Watch your step geezer.. "
    His opponent happened to be his father, not quite passing into the geezer rounds but old enough to not be cool. His father smirked and pressed his feet into the ground buckling his legs downwards " You better watch YOUR step son, you never know what might happen " Ray snarled and spat, in a split second the saliva that was spat ended up back in his face, as his father's palm caught the spit from infront and planted his palm in the middle of the young boy's face, pushing him downwards, slamming him onto his back. " What'd i tell you? " Ray snarled yet again, kicking his legs off to the sides, left to right in a break dancing method, pushing up onto his hands making his hand stand, ray pushed upwards, flipping backwards in mid-air and landing on his feet, He brushed his shirt off, clearing the dirt from the fall.
    " That won't happen again! "
    The boy hollared, bolting it towards his father in a mad dash, he skidded and landed just before the geezer, pushing his left leg into a furious round house kick! The father ducked and knee'd ray in the balls visiously. " Stop leaving yourself open fool! " Ray dropped to his knee's, feeling as if one of his balls just got pushed up into his stomach..
    " We'll contenue this when you become more AWARE of your opponent.. "